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Happy Parents Day

  Father's Day is here which represents yet another potentially awkward day to remember.  In my travels across social media, I see all types of responses to Father's Day. All the way from total acceptance of a transgender woman who used to be a father, to no acceptance at all. Long ago, my daughter came to the decision she would refer to me as a "parent" and leave a gender specific label out of it. I thought it was a great idea.  My own Dad was rather emotionally distant and never learned a thing about my transgender leanings. Looking back on our relationship, it is very difficult for me to predict how he would have reacted. If my Mom's reaction was any indication, it wouldn't have been positive. Both of them were part of the WWII/Depression generation which were long on being providers and short on being emotionally accessible. After all, my Mom offered access to advanced psychiatric treatment when I came out to her. The subject was never spoken of again. Mor