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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Rude Paul

If you haven't heard, "Rude Paul", Mr. transphobe himself is going to host one of my favorite shows, Saturday Night Live.

This comes from The Advocate website:

"RuPaul's Drag Race unveiled its new crop of contestants for season 12 last week. And once again, the cast is composed entirely of cisgender men.
Transgender inclusion has long been a point of controversy for the VHI reality series. While several notable transgender contestants emerged from the Drag Race universe — among them, Carmen Carrera, Jiggly Caliente, Sonique, and Monica Beverly Hillz — only Peppermint was an out trans contestant, on season 9. Gia Gunn also competed on All Stars 4 after coming out but noted in a follow-up interview that she felt "completely disregarded" by RuPaul and the show during the experience."
Detox, Carmen Carerra and Aja

Ironically, on Facebook recently I became embroiled in a heated conversation with a big fan of the privileged "Rude" one who positively makes me sick anytime I see him. 
Then again, I am seeing an uptick of rump supporters too lately which I am busily blocking. For some reason, I have been running into a number of old cross dressers who really don't care rump and his minions are busily trying to erase us as LGBTQ citizens. 
It wouldn't surprise me if Rude doesn't support him too. 
To be sure, I won't be watching the Saturday Night Live he is on. 

Friday, September 20, 2019

Carmen Carrera

Every once in a while, I see a post concerning a LGBTQ transgender person I hadn't heard from in what seems like forever. This time it was Carmen Carrera.

It turns out Carrera is speaking at the "Transgender Unity Banquet" this September in rain soaked Houston.

As you may remember,

After launching her career on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Carrera became a high-profile trans model, actress, performer, and advocate for LGBTQ and human rights issues. She recently partnered with Christina Aguilera to perform at Radio City Music Hall and hosted events at the Sundance Film Festival for AT&T and at NYC Fashion Week for Fashion News Live on Amazon Prime. 

I thought you may enjoy a rainbow inspired picture of Carmen to brighten up your day.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Laverne Cox and the Politics of Trans Beauty

From the Daily Beast, a lengthy post about Trans is Beautiful becoming more than just a hash tag:

"In 2015, transgender actress Laverne Cox told the world that “trans is beautiful.” Two years later, there’s proof of that everywhere you look.

Carmen Carrera

Take just the past 30 days, for instance: Transgender model Carmen Carrera walked the runway at Chromat’s New York Fashion Week show, YouTube star and fashion icon Gigi Gorgeous released a new documentary, and Cox has been rocking the awards-show red carpet—as well as the press circuit for her new CBS drama Doubt—in an array of stunning dresses and gowns, like the remarkable one-shoulder chain-link get-up that she wore to the Grammys.
But wait, there’s more: French Vogue announced its first transgender cover model Valentina Sampaio, model Anjali Lama became the first transgender woman to model at India’s Lakmé Fashion Week, and teenage transgender TV star Jazz Jennings got her very own doll sporting a white beret and a tiered tulle skirt.

And there is so much more! Go here.

Monday, September 28, 2015

What Would YOU Do?

Carmen Carrera
Have you ever seen the ABC Television Show "What Would You Do?"  basically, the show features the public in sensitive (potentially really controversial situations.) In fact, years ago, Carmen Carrera was featured as a transgender server working the counter in a diner. All of the sudden one of the counter customers recognized her from her high school days as a boy and started loudly to go nuts to her. Of course, he was an actor and it was nice to see how many of the other patrons came to her aid.

Actually though, none of that has much to do with this post.this- except this also revolves around the true experience of a transgender server.

Now,  I know many of you follow Stana and her "gold standard" Femulate Blog and I found her daily post today to be quite interesting and thought provoking. Cutting to the chase, she (Stana) did not agree with the parent in Minnesota who came up and asked a transgender server to explain her "gender status" to his young daughter. Her , Stana's point was (I paraphrase) - it's none of your business. Get out of my life. 

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My point is, in my "neck of the woods" I don't trust the greatest majority of parents to have any knowledge at all of what a trans person is. I would rather try to explain myself. But-

Having said that, my daughter would agree totally with Stana. Let her (my daughter) do her own parenting.

Either way, it is yet another highly thought provoking topic you can comment on here, or on Femulate. (Follow the link.)

By the way, Stana's book "Fantasia Fair Dairies" is out now! Available on Amazon.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Transparent Wins!

TRANSPARENT_102_02858 (1)A.JPGFor all of you who disagree somehow on the Laverne Cox's, Janet Mock's and Carmen Carerra's of the transgender women's world, being strong role models of the trans community- because of how attractive they are, here you go: 

Transparent, an Amazon original drama about a family struggling with its father’s admission that he is transgender, won this year’s Golden Globe award for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy.
Jeffrey Tambor, (above) best known for his roles in There’s Something About MaryEntourage, and the Hangover movies, stars as Maura Pfefferman in the show, and accepted the award alongside fellow Transparent cast and crew. 
I don't think you can necessarily make the argument either, a transgender actor should have been involved with the role (rather than Tambor) precisely because of the "passing privilege"  he doesn't possess. I saw one of his appearances on a talk show and they showed a clip from "Transparent" coming back from a break. Predictably, I heard a smattering of laughter-until Tambor started to talk about the show and the audience became completely silent.  Nothing funny about this topic. What the hell? How can this be? He doesn't look like a woman????
I'm sure though in the greater transgender community, someone will find something wrong.

Workplace Issues

Image from Gabrielle Henderson  on UnSplash. Sadly, many transgender women and trans men still get discriminated against when they seek out ...