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The new CBS legal drama Doubt premiered last night with transgender actress Laverne Cox in a prominent role. A long-time advocate for the transgender community, Laverne Cox made history as the first transgender actress to play a transgender series regular on a broadcast television show when the legal drama  Doubt  premiered on CBS Thursday night. While I was thrilled to see Laverne in the role, I wasn't so sure I was pleased when she explained to a client that yes, she used to be a man, but was now a woman. Somehow I had hoped the writers would let her play the character without ever mentioning she was transgender at all. However, Tony Phelan and Joan Rater,  Grey's Anatomy  alums and the husband-and-wife creators of  Doubt , wrote the part of Cameron with Cox in mind.  But they knew she was on  Orange , so they assumed that she was unavailable, and were ready to conduct a nationwide talent search to find the person who was going to play Cam. . But Laverne Cox jump

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Angela Morley From the Independent : " She was an Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning composer from Yorkshire whose triumphs ranged from   Watership Down   to  Dallas . But Angela Morley was also a transgender pioneer who faced the incomprehension of the music industry when she transitioned in the 1970s. Now Morley’s story is being dramatized in a BBC play starring Rebecca Root , the first trans actor to play a leading transgender television role. The star of the BBC sitcom  Boy Meets Girl , Root plays the musician who overcame prejudice to help bring the stirring scores to  Star Wars  and  Schindler’s List  to the screen. Rebecca Root Born Walter Stott in Leeds in 1924, the composer and conductor provided the orchestral arrangements for films including  Peeping Tom  (1960) as well dozens of albums, from Noël Coward to Dusty Springfield.