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How to Dress for Your Sign

This time I am not talking about a stop sign! I am referring back to  Fabulous After 40 and their series about dressing for your astrological sign. Deborah from Fabulous is doing a fun feature based on when we were born. Here is my sign, Libra, plus a few famous Libra women. Also, I'm sure you will enjoy all the other fashion tips and more you will discover by following the link above. HOW TO DRESS FOR YOUR ZODIAC SIGN: LIBRA    I hope you’ve been enjoying   my  How To Dress For Your   Zodiac Sign   series.     Today I’m featuring the Libra woman, born between   September 23rd and            October 22nd . Susan Sarandon, Marie Osmond, Gwyneth Paltrow, Catherine Zeta-Jones   Libra women are known for being balanced. They are an interesting mix of logic and   emotion, seriousness and playfulness.   People are naturally drawn to the Libra woman and it’s no   wonder. She is charming,   tactful and diplomatic. The Libra woman is also efficient and known for gett

"Skirting" the Issue

From the earliest days of heading out into the world and exploring my femininity at transvestite "mixers", for whatever reason or another, I was never totally enamored with wearing dresses or skirts.  In return, I was " taken to task " for not doing so.  Very succinctly, I was told why would I wear pants to the mixer if I wear them all the time anyhow.  Of course you all know what a dim view I take of anyone telling me what I should do and women's slacks were always a staple of my very small wardrobe.  (At least my wife approved, so I was "encouraged" to have more. I'm a believer though, that as a rule of thumb, male legs transition to a feminine look more than any other part of the body.  In fact, in my book " Stiletto's On Thin Ice" I devote several pages of why a dynamite set of legs may be the down fall for novice cross dressers.  If you happen to be like me, the very first compliments I received at Halloween parties I was cros