How to Dress for Your Sign

This time I am not talking about a stop sign!

I am referring back to Fabulous After 40 and their series about dressing for your astrological sign.

Deborah from Fabulous is doing a fun feature based on when we were born. Here is my sign, Libra, plus a few famous Libra women. Also, I'm sure you will enjoy all the other fashion tips and more you will discover by following the link above.


   I hope you’ve been enjoying   my How To Dress For Your  Zodiac Sign series. 
   Today I’m featuring the Libra woman, born between September 23rd and           October 22nd.
Susan Sarandon, Marie Osmond, Gwyneth Paltrow, Catherine Zeta-Jones
  Libra women are known for being balanced. They are an interesting mix of logic and   emotion, seriousness and playfulness.
  People are naturally drawn to the Libra woman and it’s no   wonder. She is charming,   tactful and diplomatic. The Libra woman is also efficient and known for getting things   done.
Romantic, intelligent, peaceful and fun all describe the Libra woman.


  • Easily takes their style from day-to-night
  • Likes classics, with a twist
  • Easily balances high and low fashion, bold and soft colors, and sexy and modest silhouettes
  • Goes for lush fabrics like silk and suede
  • Wears a variety of looks
It's fashion sites such as Fabulous After 40, which help transgender women and cross dressers help compete in a very competitive feminine world!