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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bond...James Bond

Talk about feeling old, tonight I went to see the latest James Bond film SkyFall.   I knew have been a fan since I saw the first 007 movie but I didn't realize it was fifty years ago. Really? that's a half a century according to my advanced math.

All age jokes aside, the Bond movies were a transgender nightmare for me. During the times in my youth I was trying so desperately to fit in as a male, James Bond was one heck of a roll model.  The problem was though the Bond Girls were so alluring to me too. That would have been OK if I had not wanted to be one.
As far as we know only one transsexual woman has made it into the Bond Girl's rank and her name was
Caroline Cossey (right)

If you are a strong Bond fan and haven't seen Skyfall yet, I will only say it is a highly transitional Bond. The movie says not so subtly it's time for us old peeps to step aside.  I knew it was time and was especially fascinated with the pictures of the current 007 (Daniel Craig) in drag. Below.

As I remember though, there were some questions about Bond author Ian Fleming's sexuality and I vividly remember a short story which circulated through a classroom in high school which featured Bond as a cross dressed woman.  For all I know, the very gay teacher could have written it himself and it was from him we heard about Fleming.  So don't quote me!!!

At any rate this latest Bond movie at the least presents an interesting transition into the future. If indeed the producers continue the franchise.

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