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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

In Pads and Out

Last night the Cincinnati Bengals surprised the NFL world (and most all of it's fans) by beating mighty Denver and QB Peyton Manning.  Over a 15 plus year storied career, the Bengals had never beaten Manning.  Last night, the future hall of famer Manning looked ready for retirement in a very cold and heavy "Kentucky Rain" -in all respect for the Elvis Presley's 1970 hit "Kentucky Rain" because Cincinnati lies right across the Ohio River from Kentucky.

The real reason for this Cyrsti's Condo post has very little to do with sports though.  Last night, I also kicked into high gear finding an outfit for New Year's Eve.  Fortunately, I came up with four alternatives-two of which, were eliminated.

This year, Liz and I aren't really going anywhere really fancy or upscale, so I was looking for an outfit which was somewhat dressy but not over the top. Also, the outfit had to be comfortable, warm and include low heeled shoes. Cincinnati is not known for it's balmy temperatures in December, we could experience any kind of weather and we will have to do some walking to the places we are going. (Even after using cabs) I have a bad hip, so I can't even think about wearing my low healed boots.

What I could wear though was an ancient black stretch skirt I have had soooo long, I truly can't remember when I bought it.  I only know if I had a museum for cross dressing clothes which helped open the closet door for me, this skirt would be in it.  It even has survived a couple of clothing purges years ago.  (Come on! Did you really think I was going to throw everything out?)

At any rate, I thought a could pair the skirt with a lacy camisole top and a patterned gray and black top. The camisole's lacy trim matches the gray in the blouse.  Now, all of that sounded good in "practice" but I hadn't practiced the outfit yet and practice I did.

I rummaged through my bras and found a lacy gray push up bra which seemed to be perfect for the camisole and built up from there.  I knew already how the top fitted nearly perfect over my hips and I knew my dressy black flats would be ideal, but how about the skirt?

Turns out I saved the best for last.  "Back in the Day" I used my do it yourself foam padding to make my own hips and even made a makeshift pantyhose device to hold the pads in.  At times, I felt like I was returning to my old football days and "suiting up."  Last night though, for the first time in my HRT experience, I was able to see clearly how feminine my hips and butt area had become.  I was simply astounded. I knew it was happening (and that it takes awhile) but I hadn't really worn an article of clothing like the skirt which showcased my new feminine look.

To add to the fun, to be closer to my family at Christmas,  I have been staying at my Sister in Law's (Missy) and of course she was peeing down her leg to help? or more correctly, see.  (Classic generic curiosity)  She too was genuinely impressed with the outfit and was correctly jabbering away about the need for a pair of exotic black stockings to go with it. (Of course!)

So, I guess if you live long enough and keep on trying, the world can come full circle.  I never did want to play football anyhow. I will have pictures for you all-I promise!

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