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Friday, August 23, 2013

Honey Boo Boo Drag?

Well, not the "Honey-child" herself in drag but the most famous white trash family in the country made a visit to a gay venue to play "drag bingo".

Here's the story through theFrisky:   "It’s a natural fit for a fierce 7-year-old who already has a stage name, wears hairpieces and knows how to read a bitch like a pro. TMZ reports that Uncle Poodle and Mama June took little miss Boo Boo to Hamburger Mary’s, a gay burger joint in Jacksonville, Florida to play Drag Queen bingo (where Mama June made her Bingo face, no doubt). Allegedly, so many Queens wanted autographs and photos that the Thompsons put out a beer pitcher as an impromptu tip jar and promised to donate the funds to a cyber-bullying charity. WERK! [TMZ] [Photo from
Hamburger Mary's]"

If that idea is not scary enough, how about a proposed duet with Boo & Rude ?  Ideal for a Halloween album or "Draggin the Dolla Store with your RudeBoo"?

Check out theFrisky link above!

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