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Old picture with short hair. Well, March is up to her old tricks. A couple days of positively beautiful Spring weather, followed by a couple of days of rain and/or snow. What it does do though, is get me moving in checking out my seasonal wardrobe. I do have some serviceable pieces left over from last year and they provide a great starting point for this year. I have also saved back my birthday gift certificate to use. I plan on abusing it for a couple items to wear to my workshop at  the  Trans Ohio Symposium and at the Transgender Day of Visibility event Liz and I are helping at. It's coming up in a couple of weeks, so I can't keep putting off doing my shopping. Getting my nails done is also a priority for me this year and I have to S&S for them. Save and Schedule. Tomorrow I have another support group meeting at the Dayton, Ohio Veterans Administration   which I might have to miss due to a forecast of everything from rain, to ice, to snow. Such is life aro