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Ohio Inches Forward

  FINALLY the court case designed to allow transgender Ohioans (like me) to change the gender on their birth certificates has been approved in court. This is from "Equality Ohio" "Until today, Ohio was one of only two states that had a blanket ban against transgender people changing the gender listed on their birth certificate. Today, a Federal District Court  struck down  that policy— transgender Ohioans will now be able to correct the gender marker on their birth certificate ! Accurate identity documents, including birth certificates, are crucial for trans people to fully participate in society. The  2015 U.S. Transgender Survey  found that almost one-third of trans people who showed an identity document with a name or gender marker that conflicted with their perceived gender were harassed, denied benefits or services, discriminated against, or assaulted. This is wonderful news for trans people who were born in Ohio and, until today, have not had the ability to update