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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Another Busy Week

After a brief break for Labor Day on Monday, life kicks back into high gear again.

Tonight is my vote (or the board's vote) on my application to fill a vacated board post on the transgender - cross dresser support group I am part of. I am running against someone else, so there is no guarantee I will get it. I am experienced in sitting on volunteer boards for ten years or more during my life, so I am qualified. Basically, I am putting myself up for extra hassle because Liz wants me to do something to get out of the house more. So in reality (since I am retired) I do have have more time to give. The one thing which could go against me is a Facebook interaction I had Saturday night with another transgender woman about an ultra right wing bigoted cross dresser who had jumped into the conversation. It's complicated enough for a whole post but making a long story short, I hurt a couple of cross dressers' feelings during the interaction. One of which sits on the board.

One way or another it won't be the end of the world.

Wednesday's appointment is much more important. I am having my third (and hopefully final) heart exam. It's an ultra sound on my heart. The first two tests went OK on my heart, so hopefully this one will too.

Thursday, I head back up to Dayton, Ohio for two more appointments. I have to have more blood taken for a hematology test and also see the doctor who prescribes all my Bi-Polar meds.

Friday, I finish the week with another trip to Dayton to see my therapist. At least this time, we will have plenty to talk about!

Oh, and I forgot, Friday night is another one of the cross dresser - transgender socials Liz and I go to.

Plus, the weekend brings an interesting regional college football game. The local Cincinnati Bearcat team is playing The Ohio State Buckeyes. It is a must watch game.

So far, I think that is it!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


I wish this was more of a glamorous post, complete with fun stories of enjoying the summer weather in lite and breezy summer clothes...but it is not. First of all, Monday night, I missed one of the monthly meetings of my cross dresser - transgender groups and then got gently chided about it on Facebook. Some of the other participants don't realize I have a life I guess.

Then Tuesday, was what I call "vampire day" at the VA hospital. I have a disease which causes my body to create too much iron and every three months (if needed) they have to take out a pint of my blood. (Phlebotomy)  Plus, I have to have my blood labs done.

While I have grown accustomed to the discomfort involved with both procedures, I have not gotten used to the circumstances which accompany the day.

For example, I have to take a short elevator ride up to the labs section of the hospital and more or less get to be stared at by a whole room of mostly grizzled older, men when I get off the elevator and go get my number to wait. I guess it's just part of being a woman but I still get a little paranoid about my presentation every time I go. I keep thinking, did I know I was signing up for this as I debarked down the transgender road.

If my iron is too high, then I get to go to hematology to see the real vampires. Seriously, my only problem is with one of the nurses who can't seem to get the "he" word out of her noggin when and if she deals with me. She is not very good and I hope I never get her but I do every now and then.

Past all of that, the day was very routine and hot! It looks like we missed Spring all together this year. Who knows though, maybe we will have some cool spots in June!