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End of Year Comments

Thanks again for all of you who make Cyrsti's Condo a regular stopping point!  Lets get to a few comments. From our "Demarcation" Bra post: "It's mainly a matter of comfort. Bras are supportive but constricting and once in one's private space at home, comfort rules and off comes the bra. With a sigh of relief.   That said, if you're going out again later on, a bra will have to be put back on. Going braless will risk men getting fixated on your wobbling mammaries, or another woman's raised eyebrows, unless the wearing of a bra is clearly discretionary, as on a hot beach - or if you actually relish the attention!  It's also clear that small-breasted women have a lot more latitude to do as they please in this area, compared with women who - naturally or otherwise - are well-endowed.  Lucy" For better or for worse, I am still one of the small breasted women! Thanks Lucy :) And, of course Connie brought her unique perspective to the Co

Demarcation Point?

Is the bra a line between a cross dresser and a transgender woman? Here is Connie's take:  " I've heard it said that the line is separated by the fact that a cross dresser can't wait to get home from work and put a bra on, while the transgender woman can't wait to get home to take hers off. Other than that, cross dressing is "what" one does, while being a transgender woman (or man) is "who" one is. It is the "why" question that forms the thin line. "When" and "where" can also be factors." I really like the definitions here Connie-thanks! I know it took me years to figure out why I needed to do more than just put the feminine clothes on. I could never figure out why the "thrill" of dressing like a girl had long sense lost it's charm. It became more important to me to be more efficient in the process of being able to do the best I could to present my inner female to the outside world. When the sta

It's a Thin Line

Last week during my transgender veteran support group I told a couple of experiences I had during what I called my "formative" years as a cross dresser. By formative I mean I was searching to see if a feminine life for me was all I thought it would/could be. Every time I describe myself as a "former crossdresser" I look for reactions at the same time. Why? I know transgender purists say you are trans or not from basically birth and by all accounts I was. The problems came as I built a rather successful male life, it became harder and harder to give up. Plus, information on transgender people was just not as available (or available at all to us.) So when I talked about singing karaoke with a very masculine lesbian in her cowboy hat (by her direction) and trying to beat my wife home from work at midnight, you can understand the confused or bemused looks around the table. I find it amusing too that my therapist doesn't understand my past and present paran


We received several nice holiday greetings here in Cyrsti's Condo from Paula, Mandy, Connie,Calie and others! Happy holidays to you and yours :). Most of  our work was done Christmas Eve, so Liz and I had a chance to kick back and relax and watch my fave seasonal classic- A Christmas Story . It's a period piece which takes place in Cleveland, Ohio and among other plot lines, involves a pre teen boys' quest to get a BB Gun for Christmas. Which is exactly what I did not want to get but did anyhow. My brother got one too and we used to have shootouts in the backyard. I could never hit him but he could me. As I progressed through life, I found I was never destined to be much better of a marksman. Even in the Army. At the least though, since I have been able to transition finally, I can watch the movie for it's own sake and catch more of the humor. It's amazing how that works. On the flip side, North Carolina managed to stay in the transgender dark ages and not re

And So It Is Christmas!

My fondest desire for all of you is you have an accepting family this Holiday. Too many transgender women and trans men just don't. Even after I was old enough to understand completely why I would rather have a doll for Christmas rather than the BB Gun I got, I still took years to understand the complete ramifications for coming out of the closet as transgender. After I did a couple of years ago, I was lucky and only lost half of of family. My brother would not stand up to his in laws. Ironically, I gained two sets of family with my partner Liz and my daughter and her in laws. Turns out change was good after all. As I said, Best Wishes during this Yule Holiday Season! Jessie


Unfortunately, I don't mean shopping busy and my parties with cross dressing friends have long since been a part of my past. Nothing negative, I just don't seem to fit anymore. What isn't in the past is a seeming frenetic attempt by the VA to catch up all my activity with them by the end of the year. This morning I went for an updated eye exam and found all was well and I even have another set of glasses coming which is good. Once I got to the clinic this morning my trans-dar was going crazy as I briefly got a chance to take a look at a woman I perceived to be transgender in the waiting room. I could have been wrong though when they answered to the name of Tom. (with make-up) Also, I finally arm wrestled my way into moving my mammogram into January. Seemingly, once the consult was called in under "urgent" the VA was making sure it was. I suppose it's because my maternal grandmother passed from breast cancer in the 1950's, my age (67) and the fact I h

Cyrsti's Condo Monday Edition-on Tuesday!

Monday was a busy day so I am putting together an extra day into this post. It is still cold around here but for awhile we are escaping the sub zero freezer box just to the north of us. It is still chilly enough for your fave cozy flannel "jammies" and a hot cup o joe or cocoa. Let's get started. Page One : The Week that Was or Wasn't: In the middle of all the negative post election LGBT news, one huge positive has come out of North Carolina, After losing billions of dollars to events leaving the state for more liberal pastures, North Carolina's Governor is to repeal the highly transgender discrimination bill in the state. A big victory for the trans community to be sure. Page Two: Yesterdays' Coffee-Opinion:  Connie (per norm) sent in a couple of very decent comments, including this one about my New Years Eve outfit:  " So, is that NYE outfit a sequined Buckeye jersey? You're not going to miss the game for a party, now, are you? Of course, you m

Geez-It's Quiet Around Here

Silence has always been my worse enemy. If I can't be around people and/or write about them, I get a little edgy. Plus if you try to write as much as I do, I need material. For example a couple nights ago, a committee Liz and I are working on to organize another witches Halloween Ball met to look at a venue. The venue was perfect (as we all knew) but we had to reserve it this far ahead to get it. I didn't say much except that last last year's tickets were too expensive and to keep this years price point down as much as we can. No one from the venue paid the trans girl much attention as I wondered around the place I had such a good evening in the past. Liz and I actually had one of our first dates there at an earlier Halloween event when I broke one of my own rules and tried to wear heels for the evening. This year should  be fun as we are doing a version of Alice/Teapot etc. Putting together a costume should be fun. You may ask how does this all tie together?

Baby It's COLD Outside!

Just because we hit sub zero wind chill temperatures last night and today around here in Ohio, is not really the reason behind this post. As I was coming back in from the mailbox a bit ago, I got to thinking how did I know it was cold. Of course I came to the conclusion- it was. It just was. Then I took the process a step further as I took off my coat, scarf and gloves then applied the process to being transgender. I always shared a sense of anger and amusement when anyone suggested to me being transgender was a choice. It never was for me no matter how hard I tried to hide it. Being trans just was. When I finally came to that point in my life when I could accept it, a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I knew I was cold today just as much as I knew I was transgender and that alone provided me with a little bit of warmth on a sub zero day.

If I Knew Then...

Often I get asked what I did or what I would change to get to this point in my life and I have a few easy answers which were damn hard to learn! First of all Mtf gender transitioning to me was not being brave. Embarking on the transgender process was increasing clear to me was one I needed desperately to make it through this world alive. I had to make a change. One suicide attempt was enough. As far as the mechanics of just living in a feminine world, the complexities were enormous. I found the society of women to be as complex as I thought it would be and it did not take me long to experience first hand the effects of say feminine passive aggression among others. Then of course there were the problems I still face such as presenting to the best of my ability. I had to learn that more make up was not necessarily the right way to go and how to dress to blend. As I grew my own hair, then all of the sudden I faced another set of challenges. For the first time (since I wasn't wea

Cyrsti's Condo Monday Morning Edition

Greetings and welcome into another Cyrsti's Condo Monday morning edition. It's chilly here in Southwestern Ohio, but so far we have missed most of the snow just North of us. Let's grab a steamy "cup o Joe" and get started. Page One: The Week that Was-or Wasn't: Nothing too amazing to report in my life. Of course the post election news continues to sizzle and I try not to be too paranoid what it means to the LGBT community moving forward. It's tough though with some of the appointee's being announced. Already some of the reforms in neighboring states (Kentucky) are under attack with new bills expected to pass which would open the doors wide open again to LGBTQ discrimination. I guess if you are one of the transgender Trump you go. Discrimination on yourself. Page Two: The Holidays: It doesn't seem possible but it has been close to a year now when I changed all my legal gender markers. Somehow, it is seemingly making Christmas a lit


Just to catch up on things I am not sure I passed along to you all, I received an invite to the Cincinnati Veterans Administration women's Christmas party coming up Wednesday. I have an outfit picked out which I believe is a little dressy without going too far.  The only problem is I have to go by myself because Liz has to work. I'm still a little new to the Cincinnati VA after transferring almost all of my care from the Dayton, Ohio center. The Dayton center is very diverse in it's treatment of the LGBTQ veterans. Of course It will remain to be seen if all of it continues under the new administration. My fondest hope is I have the opportunity to possibly meet other transgender women vets while I am there! Results of the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey are going to be released sometime today. You can pick up a live stream account of it here . I am sure most of the information will be predictable as far as employment/wages and education are concerned but it will be intere

Andy Warhol

Candy Darling Warhol Model Several years ago I was able to view a very large collection of artist Andy Warhol's work at The Ohio State University. So large, it almost would have taken more than one visit to do it justice. Recently I received an invite that I thought I would pass along to all of you: "Hi - my name is Alonzo, and I work at Artsy. While researching Andy Warhol, I found your page: .  I am reaching out to certain website and blog owners that publish content in line with our  mission  to make all the world’s art accessible to anyone. We hope to continue promoting arts education and accessibility with your help.  Our  Andy Warhol page  provides visitors with Warhol's bio, over 1660 of his works, exclusive articles, and up-to-date Warhol exhibition listings. The page also includes related artists and categories, allowing viewers to discover art beyond our Warhol page. We would lo

Third Time's A Charm?

Here we go again with a triumphant (?) return to Cyrsti's  Condo. This time with a brand newly rebuilt lap top. Thanks to all of you who have obviously checked back in so often to see what was going on. It means a lot. Now, when I get the lap top recharged and feel secure with it again, I can began to repost on a regular basis. Hopefully, as soon as today!