Monday, December 26, 2016


We received several nice holiday greetings here in Cyrsti's Condo from Paula, Mandy, Connie,Calie and others! Happy holidays to you and yours :).

Most of  our work was done Christmas Eve, so Liz and I had a chance to kick back and relax and watch my fave seasonal classic-A Christmas Story. It's a period piece which takes place in Cleveland, Ohio and among other plot lines, involves a pre teen boys' quest to get a BB Gun for Christmas. Which is exactly what I did not want to get but did anyhow. My brother got one too and we used to have shootouts in the backyard. I could never hit him but he could me. As I progressed through life, I found I was never destined to be much better of a marksman. Even in the Army.

At the least though, since I have been able to transition finally, I can watch the movie for it's own sake and catch more of the humor. It's amazing how that works.

On the flip side, North Carolina managed to stay in the transgender dark ages and not rescind it's discriminatory bathroom law. Which essentially means I would have to use a men's room in public places. On the other hand Kentucky's very Republican governor said he would veto any attempt to pass a similar bill. A move which would hurt the many civilized areas of Kentucky such as the part across from Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, Frankfort and others. So the boycott of North Carolina did work...just not there.

Again, thanks all for checking in and following the blog and to all the rest of you who do too! (The silent majority dare I say.)

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