Thursday, December 22, 2016


Unfortunately, I don't mean shopping busy and my parties with cross dressing friends have long since been a part of my past. Nothing negative, I just don't seem to fit anymore.

What isn't in the past is a seeming frenetic attempt by the VA to catch up all my activity with them by the end of the year.

This morning I went for an updated eye exam and found all was well and I even have another set of glasses coming which is good. Once I got to the clinic this morning my trans-dar was going crazy as I briefly got a chance to take a look at a woman I perceived to be transgender in the waiting room. I could have been wrong though when they answered to the name of Tom. (with make-up)

Also, I finally arm wrestled my way into moving my mammogram into January. Seemingly, once the consult was called in under "urgent" the VA was making sure it was. I suppose it's because my maternal grandmother passed from breast cancer in the 1950's, my age (67) and the fact I have passed the 3 year mark on HRT. Mammograms are very important I know and in fact have never been more than a minor inconvenience to me. So I guess I'm being a huge whiner.

Plus I do have an appointment with my therapist next Thursday and just attended the transgender veteran support group in Dayton, Ohio yesterday.

Finally, in a move perhaps designed to cut back on Christmas bonuses, Liz's company has scheduled their Holiday party for the middle of January. Again it will not be a big deal outfit wise as most of her office staff dresses very casual and the venue is in a combo huge sports bar/arcade. One way or another it should be fun!

I think that is it until tomorrow. But on the positive side, Liz does have a ton of time off coming, so we can enjoy the Holidays also!  

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