Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Cyrsti's Condo Monday Edition-on Tuesday!

Monday was a busy day so I am putting together an extra day into this post. It is still cold around here but for awhile we are escaping the sub zero freezer box just to the north of us. It is still chilly enough for your fave cozy flannel "jammies" and a hot cup o joe or cocoa. Let's get started.

Page One : The Week that Was or Wasn't: In the middle of all the negative post election LGBT news, one huge positive has come out of North Carolina, After losing billions of dollars to events leaving the state for more liberal pastures, North Carolina's Governor is to repeal the highly transgender discrimination bill in the state. A big victory for the trans community to be sure.

Page Two: Yesterdays' Coffee-Opinion:  Connie (per norm) sent in a couple of very decent comments, including this one about my New Years Eve outfit: "So, is that NYE outfit a sequined Buckeye jersey? You're not going to miss the game for a party, now, are you? Of course, you may be just looking ahead to a championship game against #1;Bama, but it's my hope it will be the UW vs OSU for that game. Trash talkin' is so much fun! :-)"

Truthfully, the Buckeye game schedule did throw my outfit into a different mode in that I don't yet have any "Scarlet & Gray" (The Ohio State colors) sequined  gowns in my wardrobe. But I do have a freshly made Scarlet and Gray knitted scarf as an early Christmas present to use as my lucky charm as Clemson is tough, Needless to say, I will compromise for my team! Plus, our fave New Years Eve venue overlooking the Ohio River does have plenty of television screens!!!!

As far as Washington/Bama goes-good luck. Alabama is tough!

 Page Three : Mo Mail: Joanna Santos commented on my MtF transition post: "Easy. it certainly ain't!" No it is not for the faint of hearted. Thanks Joanna! Also Connie commented on sub zero receptions from people we meet which puts the weather to shame. How correct that is and nearly all of mine in the past have come from other women-cis or even transgender. 

Page Four: The Back Page: Well, it's time to wrap this up and move on with my day. It's been nice chatting and thanks as always for stopping by! I love you all :)


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