Friday, December 16, 2016

Geez-It's Quiet Around Here

Silence has always been my worse enemy. If I can't be around people and/or write about them, I get a little edgy.

Plus if you try to write as much as I do, I need material.

For example a couple nights ago, a committee Liz and I are working on to organize another witches Halloween Ball met to look at a venue. The venue was perfect (as we all knew) but we had to reserve it this far ahead to get it.

I didn't say much except that last last year's tickets were too expensive and to keep this years price point down as much as we can.

No one from the venue paid the trans girl much attention as I wondered around the place I had such a good evening in the past.

Liz and I actually had one of our first dates there at an earlier Halloween event when I broke one of my own rules and tried to wear heels for the evening.

This year should  be fun as we are doing a version of Alice/Teapot etc. Putting together a costume should be fun.

You may ask how does this all tie together? Actually, it's pretty simple. I didn't have a damn thing to write about so I jumped ahead to Halloween and being accepted by the organizers as who I am-transgender.

I do have a New Years Eve outfit picked out so I was saving it for later. And, next week, is another meeting of the transgender veterans group I am in. Plus, another meeting with my therapist.

Such is life writing a blog!!!

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