Baby It's COLD Outside!

Just because we hit sub zero wind chill temperatures last night and today around here in Ohio, is not really the reason behind this post.

As I was coming back in from the mailbox a bit ago, I got to thinking how did I know it was cold. Of course I came to the conclusion- it was. It just was.

Then I took the process a step further as I took off my coat, scarf and gloves then applied the process to being transgender.

I always shared a sense of anger and amusement when anyone suggested to me being transgender was a choice. It never was for me no matter how hard I tried to hide it. Being trans just was.

When I finally came to that point in my life when I could accept it, a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders.

I knew I was cold today just as much as I knew I was transgender and that alone provided me with a little bit of warmth on a sub zero day.


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