Saturday, December 31, 2016

End of Year Comments

Thanks again for all of you who make Cyrsti's Condo a regular stopping point!  Lets get to a few comments.

From our "Demarcation" Bra post:

"It's mainly a matter of comfort. Bras are supportive but constricting and once in one's private space at home, comfort rules and off comes the bra. With a sigh of relief. 

That said, if you're going out again later on, a bra will have to be put back on. Going braless will risk men getting fixated on your wobbling mammaries, or another woman's raised eyebrows, unless the wearing of a bra is clearly discretionary, as on a hot beach - or if you actually relish the attention! 

It's also clear that small-breasted women have a lot more latitude to do as they please in this area, compared with women who - naturally or otherwise - are well-endowed. 


For better or for worse, I am still one of the small breasted women! Thanks Lucy :)

And, of course Connie brought her unique perspective to the Condo:

 "Well, my problem is that when my bra comes off, so do my boobs! Of course, as far as my womanhood is concerned, that is neither here nor there.....except that my boobs aren't here unless the bra is there. I don't know about my stars aligning, but I still need a bra to keep my boobs aligned.:-)"

Finally, Michelle: "CHEERS to the New Year to both you and Connie from one that NEEDS to take that dang thing off when I get home...LOL"

Cheers to you too Michelle!!!!!

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