Sunday, January 1, 2017

How Sweet It Is!

The end of 2016 for some reason has brought my Mtf transgender presentation confidence to an all time high. Starting a couple days ago, I stopped at a coffee shoppe inside my VA hospital to pick up a mocha for the trip home. I was actually in line with a couple other peeps before my order was taken.

Two girls were working behind the counter and when one asked the other about the type of milk I wanted, she causally replied "she wants low fat." So quickly and naturally, even I was impressed as I grabbed my coffee and headed home.

Then the very next day, Liz and I were shopping for some sort of a new dress to wear with my "The Ohio State University" scarf she made me for New Years Eve, plus a new headlight bulb for the car. For convenience sake, we went to one of the big box stores I won't mention. We found the headlamp but of course it was locked up on the rack, so I had to find someone to unlock it. Amazingly enough I found someone a couple aisles away.  She in turn summoned another clerk to unlock the item saying "she needs a light bulb"  meaning me of course. By this time I'm thinking life is good as I am navigating this heavily redneck store as a girl, until life was about to get even better!

Of course Liz and I were fighting about what to buy in the sweater dress department until finally she throws up her hands in disgust and says "Go try it on, it is not what you think it is." (I hate it when she is right.)  So I did.

I headed for the fitting rooms which were manned by a more elderly than me lady and I got a little apprehensive in that she would be choosing the man's or woman's fitting room for me. But before I could make another move, she wheeled and unlocked the women's fitting room for me. Wow! As I said though, Liz was right and my idea of a new dress for the evening didn't work, so I went with her's.

So all in all the last couple of days have been astounding.

Happy New Years to you all!!!!


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