Just to catch up on things I am not sure I passed along to you all, I received an invite to the Cincinnati Veterans Administration women's Christmas party coming up Wednesday. I have an outfit picked out which I believe is a little dressy without going too far.  The only problem is I have to go by myself because Liz has to work. I'm still a little new to the Cincinnati VA after transferring almost all of my care from the Dayton, Ohio center. The Dayton center is very diverse in it's treatment of the LGBTQ veterans. Of course It will remain to be seen if all of it continues under the new administration.

My fondest hope is I have the opportunity to possibly meet other transgender women vets while I am there!

Results of the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey are going to be released sometime today. You can pick up a live stream account of it here.

I am sure most of the information will be predictable as far as employment/wages and education are concerned but it will be interesting to me to see if the number of those reporting went up.