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Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Eve or Is It?

Hey kids, I live in OHIO! I've been subjected to millions of dollars of wasted money designed to sway me to vote one way or another.
I live in the electoral "epicenter". Hell, the prez himself even came here to my little town last week.
Since I do live here, chances are my vote counts more than you because Ohio gets more votes in our hopelessly outdated national electoral college. Remember how Gore lost despite winning the popular vote? Also, my vote might count more than  you because I live in a "swing" state.
Yes we have swung in the wind here in Ohio for quite a while.  We "outsourced" our livelihoods to legal slave labor forces overseas while other plants which were just suddenly shut down by "merger" companies? my brother worked at a plant which was shut down a day after they turned down a new contract...similar to other members in my family. Don't know if it was one of the candidates businesses.  I just know one day they had a job and the next they didn't.
After all of that though,   it looks as if the election still has to come through Ohio.
So many decisions.  I know which party is more receptive to transgender issues and I'm sure you do too.
But what about health care? With or without the current confusion about Obama care, I still live with the tragedy of my "working poor" friends who can't afford health care in this country for what ever reasons. Several died an early death because of the system. Even sadder is our hopelessly impotent congress. Whomever gets elected probably can't unsnarl the medical greedy mess.

And how about the world we are leaving for my grand kids? I'm not so sure missing a winter's worth of weather around here followed by a summer drought followed by the storm of the century is a fluke?

Energy? Well,  all of the sudden we downtrodden Ohioans are sitting on huge natural gas reserves along with the coal and oil obtained by "fracking". What's that all about?   I'm only sure most of it will get shipped to China anyway and my gas prices will be sky high.

Do I sound pessimistic? You bet ya! I go back several presidential elections. Nixon (the crook) /McGovern was my first voting election. I see increasing complex pressing issues and clueless leaders on the take from lobbyists to handle them.

I wish I was smart enough to come close to understanding even a few of these answers. Hell it drives me nuts just being a card carrying transgender member of the last truly discriminated sector of the American populace and that only scrapes the surface of my concerns.

I am smart enough to know I will make a concerted effort to vote the best I can and be glad I'm not voting in Cincinnati. The voting machines there supposedly can be hacked very easily and happened to be owned by a company purchased recently by one of the candidate's sons. (supposedly)

But no I'm not a total pessimist and hope the rumors aren't true that we won't know the final election results for a week to ten days. Sorry to say you heard it here first- Ohio could be leading the way in snarling the results!

Get out and vote...dammit!

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