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Bond Girl

 This week end my partner Liz and I are planning to see the newest James Bond film. Thinking of going has brought back memories of the "Bond girl who was born a boy": Caroline Cossey, also known as Tula, made headlines as the first transgender model to pose for  Playboy  m agazine. Prominent throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s,  Cossey worked with major fashion magazines and small brands, even appearing topless in denim ads. Her big break came with a cover spread for Playboy in 1981, which led to her role as an extra in James Bond’s film  For Your Eyes Only .  After being outed by a British tabloid in 1991, she made a comeback by posing for  Playboy  again, this time in a solo spread that dubbed her a “beautiful woman who was born a boy.” Of course I couldn't wait to grab a copy of "Playboy" to get my glimpse of this impossibly beautiful transgender woman.