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Monday, September 30, 2019

In Response

In response to the Cyrsti's Condo post concerning class reunions and similar events  (I suppose anything requiring you to see people who knew you before your transition.) I received this comment from Connie:

"My high school 50th reunion is taking place as I write home. I only attended the school my senior year, and I didn't really get to know many of my classmates. If I had attended a reunion, it would have been for the school I had gone to before - in another town that I grew up in. Compared to the school I graduated from, with a class of over 600, the other had only 220. I knew almost everybody there, and a coming out, I thought, surely would have had more impact. Their reunion was last week, and, as it turned out, I would have been only one of seven who were in attendance.

Since I didn't waste time and money traveling back to my old school last week, it doesn't make me feel that I'm missing anything tonight, either. In fact, the best reason for not going is that the one high school friend with whom I had kept in touch (and who knows of my transition) sent a text to me a couple of weeks ago that read: "Hey (dead name), lookin' forward to seeing you at the reunion." I can't imagine subjecting myself to the possibility of something like that 600 times over.

But you wanted an enjoyable story. Well, instead of going out tonight, I stayed home to baby sit my 21-month-old granddaughter. She'll always love me for who I am, because she'll only ever know me as that. This is so much more enjoyable!"

What a great way to get a new generation started right!

Saturday, September 28, 2019


Going back to the Cyrsti's Condo post concerning levels of acceptance about how much you tell to who concerning your transition, Marcia had this comment:

"My fraternity brothers, all of whom made the trip with me through transition, are now my "college friends." :)"

Wow! Congratulations ! I would be interested to know how it happened Marcia. I can only guess you may have gone to some sort of reunion? As Connie pointed out, it certainly was not a Greek tragedy :).

Reunions are quite the topic. 

To go or not to go usually results in extensive angst. 

I'm old and I just passed my 50th high school reunion two years ago. Actually I didn't pass the reunion, because I  didn't go. I just didn't feel comfortable going because in high school I wasn't close to many people anyhow. I felt I would just be a distraction and had nothing to prove anyway. One of the reasons I admire those who do step out and go to reunions. 

If you have an enjoyable reunion story, I am sure all of us would love to hear it.