"Drag Babes"

What was in this beer?
What was in that Beer?
I have told all you Cyrsti's Condo Ites, how bored I get and how cynical my sense of humor is.  I have "sort of/kind of" found a home for some of it on my Pinterest site.  If you are unfamiliar, Pinterest is a photo site where every interest under the sun can be displayed, from vintage collectibles to dumb stuff like this.  I call the board "Drag Babes" and add my own captions.  The pictures don't have any original information I can find, so I add my own. So, if they are of you...you look great!

What are your girlfriends wearing if you are forcing me to go with you all like this? http://cyrstiscondo-cyrsti.blogspot.com/
Come on Guys, Why do I always have to be the girl?


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