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Monday, May 2, 2011

"Diva Dirt"! Transsexual World Champion!

I positively love this!!!!
‘The Bloodthirsty Vixen’ Amanda
A foxy women's wrestler who just happens to be transsexual and a world champion just gives me the warm and fuzzies!
Although I can't prove it, she looks like a trans wrestler named "Mariah" who I did a piece on here.
Here's the link from a site called "Diva Dirt... The Women's Wrestling Bible"
Now that's what I call classic women's literature!!!!
Quoting the title from the old "Confederate Railroad" tune "I like my women a little on the trashy side". Even if she is me!!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trans Athlete Comes Out?

It has to happen!
When will a  pro athlete come out as transgendered? Let's take "Kimberly Reed" for example She was quarterback in high school. Paul wasn't a "NFL" caliber QB but a good enough one to attract college attention. What if Paul was good enough to play in the NFL? What then?
 By the way, if you haven't seen or heard of her movie "Prodigal Sons" check it out!
You have to know percentage wise, there has to a a major athlete or two who are transgendered. 
Take the recent "Miquel Cabrera" story. Cabrera is a very good baseball player for the "Detroit Tigers".
If you haven't heard the story, Carbrera was found drunk behind the wheel of his car on the night before he was supposed to report for spring training. This wasn't his first run in with the bottle but as he told the cops "you don't know what I'm facing".
I used to try to drink away my transgendered feelings so I just thought for a moment...what if that is his problem? In no way am I saying it is or ever was, but I'm betting there are those out there that are!
Think about it.  What's the best way to overcompensate for your "girlish" desires? Athletics of course.
But can you imagine the pain of that closet? If you have the ten zillion, five year contract on the table, that's a lot of pressure.
Being the sports fan that I am and the mind I attempt to function with, I just thought of all of this and decided to pass it along!

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