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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Casey Hits a Home Run!

I recently wrote a post about the transgender woman Casey who was one of the women this year who would be featured on the TLC network show What not to Wear.
After seemingly waiting for months to see the results, I found them on the show's web site.

Wow Casey! Here is the before and after pix...

I'm sure this process wasn't the easiest to undertake but to just have top of the line professionals work a makeover would be a dream come true- for me at least.
You did us proud girl!

For more on the show, go here.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Casey Up To Bat

Over the years, I have been a fan of certain fashion makeover shows. I believe the shows provide invaluable style advice to all transgender women- especially beginners. Normally our male based bodies have something in common with certain female bodies. An example would be a genetic woman who has broad shoulders and narrow hips.
The TLC network has a show that I have watched off and on for several years called What Not To Wear who is going to makeover a transsexual woman named Casey. 
To my knowledge this could be the first time the show has featured a transgender or transsexual makeover. I have seen shows over the years makeover drag queens but lets say not your cross dresser down the street. I'm biased but most of us really could use a dose of fashion advice.
Here's the promo:

(This season) " Other contributors in need of drastic wardrobe overhauls include Simona - an overachieving scientist who needs to ditch her comfortable duds, Tristen - a New Yorker but self-proclaimed Jersey girl whose skimpy outfits are getting in the way of her finding a quality man and a promising career, and Casey - a transsexual who has been living as a woman for the past nine years, but has yet to find the wardrobe that reflects the confident, happy woman that she has become."

Here's your link.

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