Casey Up To Bat

Over the years, I have been a fan of certain fashion makeover shows. I believe the shows provide invaluable style advice to all transgender women- especially beginners. Normally our male based bodies have something in common with certain female bodies. An example would be a genetic woman who has broad shoulders and narrow hips.
The TLC network has a show that I have watched off and on for several years called What Not To Wear who is going to makeover a transsexual woman named Casey. 
To my knowledge this could be the first time the show has featured a transgender or transsexual makeover. I have seen shows over the years makeover drag queens but lets say not your cross dresser down the street. I'm biased but most of us really could use a dose of fashion advice.
Here's the promo:

(This season) " Other contributors in need of drastic wardrobe overhauls include Simona - an overachieving scientist who needs to ditch her comfortable duds, Tristen - a New Yorker but self-proclaimed Jersey girl whose skimpy outfits are getting in the way of her finding a quality man and a promising career, and Casey - a transsexual who has been living as a woman for the past nine years, but has yet to find the wardrobe that reflects the confident, happy woman that she has become."

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