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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Transgender Yin and Yang

Certainly transgender women and men have never "cornered" the market on suicide thoughts and attempts but sometimes I think we dominate it. Here's another story:
"Jay Ladin took out a two-year life insurance policy in 2006, intending to kill himself and leave everything to his three children.
After he discovered insurers would refuse to pay out on the policy in the event of a suicide, Ladin took out another life insurance policy of sorts: becoming Joy Ladin".
 (pictured on right)
I will argue with anyone that until you walk in our transgender shoes, (heels or wingtips) you have no idea how easy it is to not being able to find a solution.
As facts and figures are starting to be collected it seems at least one out of four young trans youth have considered or tried suicide.
Very recently I have had the chance to interact closely with four transgender friends who are wonderful examples of the yin and yang.
I need to point out that all four of these folks identify transgender and not transsexual at this point in their lives. 
For the sake of clarification in this post, I'm using the transsexual term for a person who desires a full genital change and the transgender term for a person whose desire to live a life dictated more from a mental basis.
Between the four I was able to ride the Yin and Yang trans roller coaster at it's finest and most varied.
My spirits soared with a friend who is going through a successful coming out party with the world and one who is on the verge.
My heart went out to the other two in various stages of figuring how to live a life they desperately need to exist in this world.
Regardless of current circumstance, the four of them and I have all most likely visited the dark side.
One has for sure as I heard the story of an all too handy pistol. Mine was a bottle of pills which I thought had a very good chance of doing the job but fortunately didn't. I can't speak for the other three.
More than likely, most have you have visited that totally dark room.  You can't find a door or a window or even a sliver of light to guide you out.
Truthfully I don't know what to call the moment when you find that light "Yin or Yang" and it doesn't matter.
All that really matters is reality.  If you have passed on- certainly most will remember your gender legacy-the wrong one.
That little flicker of light that appears in your dark room just may be more light than you will see when Yang closes your coffin lid.
I'm selfish, I want you all to experience the joy of self acceptance with "Yin" and mention how proud and happy I am for my one friend!

Read more of Joy's story here.

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