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Monday, April 29, 2013

Will the Circle be Unbroken?

Friday I went to my fourth visit to my hair stylist at a salon called Square One in Dayton, Ohio.  (They have also expanded to Columbus) Square One certainly does not need my "plug" on their incredible expertise...they are great!  I would be remiss though if I did not mention the amazing amount of AIDS research money the owners have been instrumental in raising.

At any rate my "wonder weekend" finally was getting underway as I sat down in the chair in front of "Abby" my stylist/magician. The plan was to highlight my hair for the first time. Yes, I did have a vague idea I would be one of those women waiting around with aluminum foil in their hair hoping no thunderstorms were in the building...and I was.

As always, I'm having a difficult time coming up with a decent picture showing how the highlights came out but this is some sort of an idea on the left taken two days after the salon when I got back home Sunday.

Already, my hair was responding to a rainy fairly humid day. (Or trying to party like I was 30 again). I will have to work harder to try to show the copper highlights to you. This pic is also a fairly good representation of how I'm working harder to tone the makeup down to a bit of eyeliner, foundation and lip gloss.

My girlfriend was coming up from **Cincinnati to meet me in Dayton for a cup of coffee and hang out for a while before we headed to Columbus, but as luck and the timing Goddess would have it, she ended up meeting me at the salon.
Then, all of the sudden (since both her and Abby know of my sarcastic sense of humor) my hair highlighting experience became highlighting a harassing Cyrsti experience...Wait a minute? Wasn't I the one paying to get this abuse??? I know, the process was just a fun initiation into their sorority. You can believe me too,  I can give it out as well as I can take it!

Finally though the aluminum foil was removed and the heavenly shampoo and styling was next.  When Abby finally let me take a sneak peek in the mirror, I nearly passed out with euphoria! Well, that could be a bit dramatic but my mind was doing all these cartwheels in my noggin! I'm always so happy, I think I am probably much like a little kid and essentially it's true. I do have to remind Abby this girl stuff is still so new to me. Don't hesitate to give me her insights! Tell me things and never take for granted I have much knowledge about aluminum foil and hair!  Come on now, all this time I only thought foil was only good for cooking.  Friday I learned though what foil was really for when I looked in the mirror and how Abby used it to work her magic.

As I have mentioned, the visit to the magician was only the beginning of the weekend.  The next stop was a little more painful but just as satisfying!

** To give you a little reference on mileage and such, I live about 20 minutes outside of Dayton, 40 minutes outside of Columbus and about an hour or so from Cincinnati.

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