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Transgender Stealth

Every once in a while here in "Cyrsti's Condo", I head to the library and dust off a volume of the "Trans Stealth Diary's" None of the entries are mine. I have ran the entire spectrum of thoughts on the subject. From envy to disgust, I have thought them. How could my transsexual sisters run off and disappear? Then again, if I had the chance wouldn't I? Here's the easy answer. No I wouldn't. In fact I'm thinking of jumping off the deep end and getting my first tattoo ever-with a trans logo-in a visible place. Then again, I will be truthful and say this is a relatively new thought pattern with me. As I so love to do, here's a little stealth history and perspective from another source: The Women Born Transsexual" Blog. As always, I'm going to throw you some teasers and give you a link for more from Susan. "Some folks have claimed the Doctors expected transsexuals to go absolutely stealth after they had SRS. That absolu