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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Boxers and Binders and Street Signs

All too often here in Cyrsti's Condo I feel as if I don't mention the "other" side of the transgender street, the trans men.

Trans guys should be mentioned if for no other reason in my part of the world, FtM guys are becoming very dynamic and public. Dare I say the testosterone effect may play a part?

I have always wondered about the different dynamics both genders face when we decide to "jump fences" if you will.  The shallow comparisons come in the form of changing appearances which seem to favor the trans guys.  It's easier to masculate a body than feminize one after puberty.

On a deeper level is the question of gender privilege. I prefer not to discuss privilege again but to simply say it's in the mind of the beholder and in the imaginations of certain groups. I do follow the "other side of the street" closely and my latest "discovery" is Anthony Doubek's blog and writings "Boxers and Binders"

When I read Anthony's thoughts, I invariably come up with all kinds of questions such as - is there any division in the trans male community being identified with the lesbian/butch group?  I do understand that after a certain point in the FtM transition process the groups would naturally separate. Furthermore, I'm always on the outlook for signs of the perpetual bickering which goes on here on our side of the street.

For a closer look at the "other side of street" go here and check out Anthony Doubek!

Monday, July 8, 2013

First Trans Male Prez?

Well at least in a musical and he is being playing by Chaz Bono. (left)  From the

"Chaz Bono landed his first male role, playing the President of the United States inThirty Minute Musicals: Independence Day, reports People. The role, which is an imitation of the character played by Bill Pullman in the 1996 film Independence Day, is a dream come true for the iconic trans actor who credits playing a male role in high school with opening his eyes to his own gender identity.

 “I started acting in high school. It was the career that I wanted but I stopped because I couldn't really do a good job playing female characters and I didn't know why," Bono told People. “My senior year of high school I got cast as a male character and for the first time I really excelled. But I told myself, ‘This will never happen as a professional so I need to find another career.’”

Take a look at more here.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Over a Trans Man's Shoulder

Another comment on the "Over my Shoulder" trans security post here in Cyrsti's Condo:

 "Any "man" that feels it necessary to be menacing isn't truly a man. I understand the thinking that if you dress a certain way what do you expect. However, that thinking does not make the treatment correct. All women have a right to dress however they feel without having to fear being accosted. Even as a Trans male I still scope out an area before I go out. I think in this day and age ANY person needs to be on the lookout for their safety. Draco on Looking over my Shoulder"

 Thanks Draco for two huge reasons. Yes a real man doesn't and won't result to hostile behavior. As we all know though so many guys are so insecure in their manhood in so many ways it's tough to sort them out. Plus the great majority of trans women of course never approached a woman like that so we have to be careful that others do.

Two.- YES! Any person does have to be on their outlook for their safety!

Finally, not to embarrass Draco but I have known him for awhile and he just started on testosterone not long ago.  Of all the transgender people I have known over the years, his amazing happiness of finally realizing some of his gender dreams was contagious. Your views are always welcome my friend!

Dealing With Trans Rejection

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