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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

KerPlunk! Another issue of our Sunday Edition has just hit your virtual front porch, stay in those fuzzy "jammies" grab a "Cup O Joe" and let's get started!

Page 1-The Week that Was-or Wasn't!  Looking back, my week was one of success's including an early week semi annual trip to my Veteran's Administration "Doc" and then of course Thanksgiving.  As I have mentioned, putting my positive exam aside, he has a transgender niece in Chicago, which gives him a bit more interest in my transition.  In fact this entire week, I ran into more peeps who seemingly wanted to learn more about me.  More on all of that later.

Page 2.- Girl's Night OUT!  The Rubi Girls (left) are a Dayton, Ohio based drag troupe  who have raised over a million dollars over the years for local Aid's Research.  Their shows are rare and more "productions" than drag show.
Plus, last night was the third time I went with my daughter and her friends. Again, more on that experience later.

Page 3.- The Back Page.  Actually, this could have been our lead story.  MTF transgender star Laverne Cox is coming to Wright State University (Dayton/Fairborn, Ohio) this Tuesday night.  Most certainly, I will be there and get back with you!!!!

So it looks as if I will have a lot of "catching up" to do with all of you!  Thanks for stopping by "the Condo!" Luv ya!!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blasting Cyrsti's Past

Along with everything else which is happening around here in Cyrsti's Condo, we are also coming up on another year anniversary with this monumental effort!

Here's a repost from July 25th, 2013-

Yesterday I was invited to a quick lunch with my daughter and 12 year old grand daughter. Both of know of my transgender status so the day was sort of special. On the other hand, I'm doing some of the most butch hard labor I can do on my house, repairing a brick wall. I hate it but I have been literally been putting it off for years and the unseasonably cool summer weather we have now makes it a "must do project". I suppose I will lose a couple much needed pounds in the process. So, I am a little short of time to post to Cyrsti's Condo. I learned some time ago, when in doubt, go to the archives and came up with this post from 10/5/2011 and just so happens to include my daughter and an appointment at the Veterans Administration: "Today had to be my best birthday ever! My third visit to the VA therapist seeking a hormone permission letter was late in the afternoon. As I got ready to meet my daughter for a birthday breakfast, I received a text from a long time female friend who I have progressively come out to over the past couple months. She wished me a good birthday and a positive trip to the "Doc" which meant a lot! 

My breakfast with my daughter was very different. Almost immediately she asked me if I knew one of the performers in one of the top drag queen acts in the area. They are known as the "Rubi Girls" based out of Dayton, Ohio. As it turns out I had seen their act (impressive) and actually knew one of the performer's employees. As surprising as this was, more surprising was the fact I was having the conversation with her at all. The rest of the breakfast was equally as good and I'm still not sure how I did so well in the daughter department. On to the therapist appointment. We exchanged the usual "how's life" questions before I asked the magic question: "what reservations did she have about writing a permission letter?" She didn't hesitate and said she expected the question and pulled a file folder off her desk The folder contained the "Harry Benjamin Gender Dysphoria Care Standards". As we went through the highlights it seemed I met most all of the criteria. (I'm not exactly sure anyone but Harry understood them all.) She was very positive and said she would like to take one more step before writing the letter. The step was a final consultation about me with a very experienced gender specialist in Columbus. Ironically she is the same person I went to for help over 20 years ago. I know "nothing is over until it's over" but I'm cautiously optimistic I will have the letter in two weeks at my next visit. My last (but far from least) stop of the day was a lite dinner date with a GF down in Cincinnati. 

Without getting too personal, it was a wonderful ending to a special day. On the trip home I was going pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming but I have a real aversion to pain and just made sure I wasn't driving up I-75 in a dream. I can guarantee you I-75 between Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio is no place to be dreaming behind the wheel and I wasn't. The day was all so real and so wonderful! And now it's back to reality and my bricks. Dammit, not good for the nails!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition" Front Cover

Here we go again, Thanksgiving week is behind us and the legal Christmas season is allowed to start. We have a lot to cover this week!

Entertainment Section:

Last night I was the social "butterfly" and made stops at two events. The first was at the Rubi Girls Show in Dayton, Ohio, compliments of my daughter.  I have mentioned this group before and hesitate to even call their work "drag shows".  Drag "production" is a far better word.  The Rubi Girls don't perform much but have been around for years and have raised over a million dollars for AIDS research. One of them was even my oldest grandson's teacher last year.  That fact alone would seemingly make me biased but with the Rubi Girls I don't have to be.  They are absolutely the funniest and most enjoyable drag group in our area.  If you have a chance to see them...DO IT!

Also last night was the Equality Springfield Ohio show/fundraiser.  I took off from the Rubi Girls and made it in time to finish my evening close to home.  What the Equality bunch lacked in "stage" talent, the group made up for in plain old hospitality.  If you remember, I started attending meetings last Spring and announced I seemingly was the invisible transgender woman in town because they never even went to the "T" in G & L.  From then on I was welcomed with open arms and last night was even more special because I was able to point out to them, there were two more "T's" in the house.  My transgender girlfriend Racquel and her boyfriend Draco (transgender man).  The event was well attended and was held in a small gay venue called Diesel's in Springfield (Ohio).

As closing time drew near, the "butterfly" or beat up moth,  had to fold her wings and head home,  What I didn't mention was, what I was doing before all of this.

Sports Section:  Yesterday was the titanic grudge football battle between The Ohio State University and those "Woverini's" up north.  Most of you know, yes I am one of millions of overbearing Buckeye fans.  Yes, Buckeye Nation is huge and want's you all to know "Don't hate us because we win and win and win." Regardless of all of that, the "other team" played well and set off more than a couple celebrations when Ohio State scored and finally won - including a shot of moonshine.  at my brothers house.  If you aren't familiar with "The Shine" follow the link above for more information but the short description is a clear very high alcohol proof liquor made just south of us in Kentucky and other points south of Ohio...legally and illegally.

The game started at noon and five shots later around four, I was scrambling for any food I could find to calm the beer and moonshine buzz and get started on my evening! I did and was safe doing it but the only thing I can say is, "I'm too damn old for days like yesterday!"

Commentary section:

Im going to bring the mood down and feature a very sad and alarming post from the blog "Raising my Rainbow" called "When The Boys' Room Isn't Safe For A Boy": Here's an excerpt:

My son is six and a half years old. He’s been potty trained with nary an accident since exactly his third birthday. Last week, in his first grade classroom, he peed his pants. He sat in his urine until the dismissal bell rang. His pants were soaked and cold when he got out of school. He was uncomfortable and he smelled. He didn’t want anybody to know. It was his secret. He started crying in the car. “I’m so ashamed of myself,” he said over and over again. Tears rolled down his face, even though he willed them not to. He couldn’t hold them back. 

Come to find out, my son — with his long auburn hair, pink and purple fitted clothes, feminine backpack and wrist full of rainbow-colored loom bracelets – is terrified to use the boys’ bathroom at school. photo 1On his first visit to the boys’ bathroom, he headed straight for the safety of the stall. Boys started peeking through the cracks in the stall to see if he was going pee or poop. Pooping at school is an embarrassment. He avoided the bathroom for as long as he could. The next time he had to go, he, again, walked straight to the stall. He locked the door behind him. He lifted the toilet seat lid and unzipped his pants. He could hear them talking. He could hear them looking. He turned around. Boys were peeking through cracks again. This time they were trying to see his genitals. They wanted to know if my son has a penis or a vagina. 

I talked to my mom about it. Weeks ago she left her bible study in tears. A fellow church-going Christian claimed to have insider information and knew that my son was using the girls’ bathroom at school. There would be hell to pay when “everybody else” found out about it. My son isn’t using the boys’ bathroom, he’s not using the girls’ bathroom, he’s hardly using a bathroom at all. I worry every day. Going to the bathroom should be the easiest part of the school day. But, for my son, it’s not. 

For the entire story, go here.

This story is all so more tragic because of the youth of the child involved.  Sadly, I too know all so well the paranoia of planning my activities on the availability of "safe bathrooms" , fluid intake and even certain meds which encourage peeing. Last night was a perfect example at the Rubi Girls show. Before I left I was sure if I had to go or not but if I did would I get in trouble for using the women's room? The reason being, like it or not, I could have been tossed into the drag queen category. Last night none of them were using the women's room so I ended up heading on home with no problems and not creating a potential scene.

Knock on wood,  the more I transition, the fewer restroom problems I have had but I think the paranoia may linger forever.

Well kids, that is going to do it for this version of the Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition" hope you have a great week!

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