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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo "Good ol' Girls"

Define: "Good ol Girl"  :  At least a 40 something genetic with an edge - who figures she could either out drink you,out flirt you or out screw you - under the table.

Truthfully, it's a genre of genetics I migrate to and always have.

This morning, my "good ol girl" presented her self in all her glory during my two hour drive back home from Liz's.  When I went down there the other day to help with a couple hospital tests (which went well!) I was traveling light and just tossed a couple changes of jeans and sweaters in my suitcase.

By this morning, I was down to what I call my old "hippie" bell bottoms, long knitted sweater and what I call my "furries".  A pair of suede shoes I have which are very comfy. I really wasn't planning on stopping anywhere but still gave my hair a liberal dose of Liz's (expensive) Moroccan hair spray (when she wasn't looking.)  My hair is nothing more than a "poof ball" of frizzies in our damp weather these days if I don't.

As it turned out, Cincinnati's highways were really slow this morning.  By the time I got less than half way back, I was positively craving a cup of coffee. I took a quick look at my hair, knew what I was wearing-finger combed it , applied tooooo much black eye makeup and headed into a busy fuel stop for my cup o joe.

Even though my coffee was all I was looking for, the same wasn't true for several of the other patrons.  First of all I had to potty, then made my way through a relatively crowded store to the coffee machines.  On occasion, genetic good ol's don't think much of my "intrusion" but there weren't any of them there.  However, their male equivalents were. 

Surely, I did get a few looks from them because I probably looked like I had been up all night!  The genetics didn't seem to notice at all and I thought "well, never a dull moment"

Home now and ready for a nap!

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