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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Ba Ba Boom!

I think the best way to really study how cis women move is to study/take belly dancing classes or better yet sensory burlesque.

Taking either type of classes is on my bucket list, but truthfully I'm not sure I have enough courage.

The next best thing though is watching a group of women dance or maybe sensually grind? I have been fortunate enough to do both and was totally mesmerized. And this comes from a person who has specialized in watching cis women for most of my adult life as a trans woman and before.

"Cinnamon" from Cin City
As it turns out, Cincinnati has it's own group of burlesque artists called the "Cin City Burlesque" and they are having a show on the 20th and Liz and I are going!

I am old enough to remember the very end of the classic old style burlesque acts we used to go "slumming" in college and see in places like Dayton and Toledo, Ohio. These shows came complete with a vaudeville style comedian.

The show I missed which was somewhat similar was in a lesbian bar years later in which I was cross dressed. Two strippers were eagerly awaited by the crowd. Unfortunately, I had to leave before they showed up, as I am sure it would have been entertaining!

For this show as a transgender woman, I think I am going to get a little dressed up and weather permitting, wear my long black skirt with the deep slit up the side with a black tank top.

Should be a great time!!!!

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