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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Real World Beauty

Every now and then I run across a site which I have to put everything down and look at as far as taking care of my appearance.
Being the busy trans woman that I am becoming today, this site grabbed my attention for the multiple features it had currently going on skin care, makeup and yes- even plus size clothing.
It's called the Thread.
The current featured video made me feel vindicated in a way when the "expert" zeroed in on the problems plus sized women have with finding the right size of pants. Then of course, once you find them do they flatter you?
Adapting my male hips and rear is getting easier with the hormone induced addition of "padding" to the area (away with the damn foam pads!) but I have always have had a problem with my proportions. By proportions I mean the areas roughly between my waist, crotch and leg length. Early in my fashion explorations I found women's pants had a  dizzying array of styles and sizes.
Also, earlier in my life, my circle of friends were mainly cross dressers who felt wearing any kind of pants at all was heresy! I was always attracted to the "pant" side of fashion, even to the point of loving the "man tailored"clothes.
An example is recently I was communicating with a friend who I have known for years who said that night she was hanging out with her girl friends with her hair in a pony tail and ball hat, old jean shorts, tank top and one of her old men's oversize dress shirts over the outfit. Of course she has the benefit of years of hormone therapy to pull it off. I was envious!
Some of us would not see that as any kind of a fashion statement. I see them as missing a basic idea of a woman understanding her style and making it work.
Making it work comes from following sites such as the Thread and "borrowing" ideas from experts.
Another feature on the site compared "trashy" to sexy- a problem loads of us face as we go down a cross dressing or transgender road.
Then there was a story on make up shelf life.  How many of us face budget constraints and have that eyeshadow hidden for years? (Let me raise my hand again.)
Finally, for the sake of simplicity in this post, I'm not even going to go into the skin care tips.
Every once in a while I'm dazzled by a person who thinks somehow all of this is easy or natural. Indeed the art form with any woman, transgendered, transsexual or genetic is making the whole style piece look as if it was natural.
Most certainly, operations and hormones make the whole appearance and style agendas easier. I am really shocked though when I see any woman trans or not whose style is not having one.
At that very point I see sites such as the Thread or Fabulous after 40 not being a luxury. They are a necessity!

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