Saturday, April 30, 2016

We Got Mail

Thanks to you all for sending in your input to "JJ's House"! Yes I finally added a new picture and decided to add a new title at the same time. Thanks for your patience!!!

Now on to the input:
First from Paula in Great Britain. For me this puts the USA on a similar footing to Russia and Uganda as travel destinations, it is all so sad.

Sad is correct Paula but this is yet another mini revolution. This one though is fueled by the fact that we transgender people have been tossed under the bus by a group of radical right wingers. Spare me the rant! Plus, what has exasperated the whole situation is the trans population's potential power, exposure and even popularity.

The only thing the right wing has found to fire up a largely backwards group of the country is the restroom non issue. Also it is a proven fact most of the largest religions are losing their memberships slowly.

Finally, you have to keep in mind we are a big nation, so many areas simply are and will be easier to move around in as LGBTQ peeps. An example is I can move around easily where I live on the East side of Cincinnati but a little over 50 miles East of us are where the eight people were killed in the rumored drug cartel murders. Rural and mean.

Then there is Donald Trump, Paula, as far as trans people go, I think we barely show up on his radar. After all, he told Caitlin Jenner to use what ever restroom she wanted in the Trump Tower.

It's going to be a down and dirty time between now and fall elections in America with a lot at stake for all transgender women and trans men.  

Friday, April 29, 2016

I Bet They Never Saw This Coming!

From the GayStarNewsThe price of North Carolina’s attempt to abolish protections and to exclude trans people from public life continues to mount up, as the UK Foreign Office has revealed it has raised the matter through official channels.
This was in response to a written question from Cat Smith, Labour MP and Shadow Spokesperson for Women.
The UK has privately warned North Carolina over their transphobic bathroom law
Cat Smith
Last week, she asked the Foreign Secretary: ‘What plans does the Secretary of State have to raise the issue of LGBT rights in North Carolina and Mississippi with his counterpart in the US?’
The official response, delivered late yesterday afternoon, was that they have already raised it with North Carolina.
Responding on behalf of the Foreign Office, Hugo Swire, Conservative MP and a Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office wrote: ‘Our Consul General in Atlanta raised our concerns with the North Carolina Commerce Secretary on 19 April.
‘We have amended our Travel Advice for the United States to reflect legislative changes on LGBT rights in North Carolina and Mississippi . This Government is opposed to all forms of discrimination. We are committed to ensuring that all LGBT people are free to live their lives in a safe and just environment.’

The Good? OLD Days?

Hungover - Last night was my B*tch - Black Slouchy Oversized Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt comes from DentzDesigns on Etsy and takes me back to more than one of my alcoholic evenings when I was trying to out run my transness!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cyrsti's Condo Archive Post

I started to write this Cyrsti's Condo post after I read someone's comment (I paraphrase), if she was able to interact with women - as a woman- does that make her a woman?  Good question and way too complex to discuss in one post-or ten.

Since the venerable "sex is between the legs" and "gender is between the ears" quote is beginning to go the route of most other "discussions" in the transgender community - into bickering hell, I had to try to come up with something different to toss into the mix.  Eventually I went from hell no that's too easy, to why not? She just could be on to something. If gender is a perception held mainly from others, then she is a woman because she is perceived as one plus she perceives herself as one. Finally, I came away with one certainty,  all the thinking made my head hurt!  Remember the old cheap shot, "look at the head on that?" What would have Einstein thought? Is that what happened to his hair?

As I said though, I didn't plan on continuing to write on the vague concepts above.  (Aren't you lucky?) Instead, a mere three word question got my attention, "are you (me) a pre opt transsexual?"  Well, in the strictest of terms yes and no.  Yes, because of totality of my lifestyle and No, because I don't feel the need for surgery (SRS).

That's as simplistic as my backward noggin can make it.  Without another headache of course!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Transition VII

Over the past week or so here in Cyrsti's Condo we have been going over my levels of a Mtf transition. At level VII you are past (as Connie wrote) the "wide eyed wonders of a world you so have desperately wanted to live. 

All of a sudden you don't have to spend an hour in front of the mirror every morning to do your shopping at the grocery to be referred to as "she" or "her." All of that though does not come without peril, as your mind starts to wonder "is that all there was to all of this?" Then again you start to wonder just why didn't I do this sooner.

In reality Level VII should be the "jumping off point" to a possible GRS and changing your legal gender markers for good.

For example, all my important gender markers have been changed, but I still don't see (or feel) like a genitalia reassignment surgery should be in my future. I have learned though to never say never. 

Plus I worry over nursing home and other health issues in my future, so Level VIII is never too far off and then there is death. If I'm writing from the other side-you all need to worry!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Transition VI

Welcome to my Cyrsti's Condo "Levels of Mtf transition." In level five we touched on your "aura" confidence and presentation levels. In level six we are going to assume you have figured out the life you are leading is the correct one.

As I have written a number of times, only you can decide gender on the most basic level possible. Do you meditate? Are you spiritual? Or, in my case, my life felt more natural and it opened up the other two I just mentioned.

More than anymore of the transition levels, VI is personal. Forget how you look, or act, this is all about the you- you should have been.

Perhaps this is the level you have decided to start HRT and began the process of GRS. (Neither of which should define your level of femininity.)

I like to call Level VI the closest level to going through adolescence. The world is just newer and more exciting somehow.

Perhaps it's because Level VII will be bringing more serious challenges!  

Monday, April 25, 2016

Pammy Rose

Pammy Rose the young woman from Seaham, County Durham (across the pond), is set to compete against other transgender women in a completely different kind of contest. 

Now fully embracing her true gender, Pammy is determined to become Miss Transgender UK 2016 for the first prize of a sex change which she has always dreamed of. 

Pammy said: “The last time I took part in a pageant nobody knew I was transgender but now I want everyone to know. I am raring to go, I can't wait for it. I am determined to become the representative for transgender people all across the UK.”
The now 23-year-old had no expectations when she entered the modelling competition. 

A talented dancer, Pammy Rose wowed audiences and judges alike as she made it to the final of the beauty contest.

But the gorgeous blonde was hiding a huge secret from everyone in the mainstream competition.

Pammy Rose was born male.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Ker Plunk! Another "Sunday Edition" is hitting your virtual front porch! Weather report? Here in Southwestern Ohio,it's a glorious Sunday, so today lets grab a cup o iced joe or tea and head out to the back deck and get started.

From North Carolina Hotel
Page One: The Week that Was or Wasn't: During the week, the costs to North Carolina's economy continues to mount from all sorts of different directions. Too many in fact to even begin to list here (a good thing) but you can go here to check out a comprehensive look from the Daily Kos. 

Also, if you have been following the "Prez's" visit to Great Britain, he has come out in favor of LGBT causes again, even to the point of saying he has learned from his daughters on the issues.

Now, if he pushes through equal rights for transgender active service women and men before leaving office...

Page Two: Yesterday's Coffee-Opinion:

All week long we have been presenting a series of posts on the different levels of transitioning. One of which briefly touched on the subject of aura. Which Connie followed with this comment:  "To be, aura not to be. That's the question! I would (respectfully) "tighten up" your loose definition by saying ones aura is her or his true self which radiates regardless of any self awareness thereof. I think that the brightness of ones radiance depends first, on the self awareness of the aura, and second, on the acceptance of it. 

Blessed is the person who learns both at an early age. I'm speaking as aura applies to gender identity here, as I also believe in negative auras; Hitler, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, (and maybe Donald Trump?) fit into this realm. Although these people are (or were) inherently evil, they learned how to manipulate their auras just enough to fool others into believing and following them."

Extremely important when you consider gender is decided in a couple seconds when one human sees another.

Take the time I met Stana from Femulate for the first time. She oozed femininity from the inside out, and if you have read her blog at all, she says she pretty much always has.

Page Three: What's in a Name?: Ironically, Mandy sent in a comment which jogged my noggin into something I haven't brought up in a name and how it relates primarily here and on Facebook/Twitter:

"My male name (which I won't disclose) is now a predominantly female name. All too frequently I hear women yelling "my name" in stores, to locate their daughters. A bit disconcerting, but I'm used to it now. 

The bright side is that I am often gendered as female after I present my credit card with my real name. Folks are used to seeing women named thusly. Used to hate my name in school. But now I can say "Thanks, Mom and Dad!


Well, my name was about as far away as being feminine as it could get and no it wasn't "Chris." So what I did was go with generational names from the family which the grand kids could use to call be. The abbreviation is "J.J"  and it works perfectly as an androgynous name. 

Page Four : The Back Page: Well kids, it's time to get out and enjoy this beautiful day! Monday we will get started again on my stages of transition which in turn will fill a chapter in book number two. 

As always, love you all and thanks for stopping by Cyrsti's Condo. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Transition V

This week we are writing a series of posts here in Cyrsti's Condo on what I call the steps to completing a transition. We finished the Level Five post with the power of aura, confidence and presentation.

Loosely defined, aura is the sense of self which radiates from a person. I always believed my aura was feminine in nature because of the times in my past when I was completely engrossed in trying to be male and someone would nonchalantly come along and call me "mam".

Where times really got rough though was when I began to sync up my total person and gain the confidence to present my real feminine self to the world. At times it was a brutal experience because let's face it, I fall into the category of most male bodies, with big bones and a thick torso. For the longest time my life was brutal if I tried to go out, often being laughed at behind my back, if I was lucky. If I wasn't so lucky I had strangers wanting to take pictures of me and being just totally rude. "Whiplash" was what I called it when a person (mainly women) would flip their heads around so fast to stare I thought they were going to hurt themselves.

Through it all though, somehow a little voice inside me kept whispering to stay the feminine course. It all would be worth it in the end, as it was. Ironically, so many think my life is better because of how I present and it isn't. My life is better because of the confidence my circle of friends has given me and now the world see's my aura matched up with an exterior which does match. I compare it to running through hot coals in six inch heels. 

Once I made it to the other side though, I found it was time to begin to tie up loose ends of my old life and start a new one I never thought possible.

Friday, April 22, 2016

No Real Surprise Here?

Recently Rueters came out with this survey:

"By Daniel Trotta
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Transgender Americans may find greater acceptance in the future, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll that shows young adults and women more open to people using public bathrooms matching their gender identity.
The issue is polarizing much of the United States, notably in North Carolina, where big businesses and rock stars are boycotting the state over a new law requiring people to use the public restroom matching their birth certificate.
Americans aged 18 to 29 favor letting transgender people use the restroom of their identity by a 2-to-1 ratio. Among Americans aged 60 or more, the ratio was 2-to-1 in reverse with people saying restroom use should be mandated by the gender on one's birth certificate.
Forty-four percent of women favor letting a man who is in transition from male to female into their public toilets, compared to 39 percent who say they must use the facilities matching their gender assigned at birth."
Even though I am very much of the 60+ age category, I am fond of calling us dinosaurs and as the "baby boomer" crowd phases itself out It's quite obvious what the future holds for the transgender population. A bright one!
A couple of other factors I think influence the numbers are the number of women who have used the men's room in times of need at concerts etc, plus I can't fathom why any woman wouldn't know the amount of privacy available in every womens' room.
Maybe they just haven't out grown the great mystical idea that something outside of the obvious was happening?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Kinda Cute as a Button!

First of all I would like to thank all the "little people" for making this post worthwhile and my Mom for my name!!!!

Well, then again there were "little people involved"  as I did get my other set of professional pix taken. (There were two total.) and the second one was taken by a photographer probably around 5 feet tall. The pix should be back to me next week sometime she said.

Then today, Liz and I were out getting some errands ran and we made a rest room stop on the way home (since we don't live in North Carolina or Mississippi.) She finished before I did and on the way out said she would be waiting outside and used my name. A small elderly lady was coming in as she was leaving and looked me up and down and said..."You have the same name as one of my daughters!" 

How nice was that!

Transition IV

We are writing a series of posts this week on MtF gender transitions and today we are moving away from establishing your femininity in the world into establishing an "inner" circle of friends or family (if you are lucky.)

I remember the evening around five years ago when I decided I was going to pursue the hormone route.-HRT. It was around the time the Veteran's Administration announced it would help transgender vets with the program.

Of course my first stop was with a VA psychologist whom I see off and on to this day. One of her first questions to me was what kind of a support system did I have built around me for this big of move. 

I was able to answer that I had a very supportive daughter, a loving partner and two very good friends who helped me build a new life...more than I could say. So obviously the answer was yes. My days of hanging around gay venues and/or malls trying to feel feminine were over. I wanted/needed HRT to step to my next level of femininity. ***Not saying you have to do it this way, and shouldn't without a Doctor's supervision!

Years later as I look back, I have been able to broaden my circle of friends, as I have been able to meet some incredible people. Most incredibly, everytime I head around another corner, there is something new to discover.

Next, the power of confidence, aura and presentation.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Transition III

This week in Cyrsti's Condo, we have been running a series of posts on my perceptions of a MtF gender transition. Level One I called "Cross Dressing" and Level Two, I called "Tweener". Number Three I am going to call "S&S"...Successful and scared.

We finished up the last post writing about the "parallel lives" I was increasingly living. All of the sudden I was learning what my deceased wife said I would never know anything about-what a woman really went through in life. Certainly the existence was not the "kicks and giggles in heels" many think it to be, but a life I was coming to love. The more I understood it. At the least, people were beginning to relate to the new me and you know? I was scared on so many levels.

After all, here I was dumping all 60 plus years of male privilege in the trash at a time when merely having salt and pepper colored hair and goatee earned me a "Sir" if I deserved it or not.

I was scared too because I knew the next level was HRT and my male train was running out of track.

I was successful though because my transition felt so natural to me. For some reason I had been waiting for a moment of undeniable truth I was transgender.

There would be no turning back from that point forward. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Transition Part II

Monday we started a series of posts here in Cyrsti's Condo on what I called my stages of a Mtf gender transition. I called Level One my "Cross Dressing" phase. Please remember, none of these stages are meant to disrespect anyone.

Today, I am going to name my second phase "Tweener." Why? As I look back on the years of trying my best to not face up to my true gender soul, I was in truth running from the fact my gender issues ran so much deeper than just putting on a dress and walking in the mall. These times were as tough on me as any adolescent kid going through puberty, except I didn't know which way I was headed.

The only certainty was, if I figured out beyond a shadow of a doubt I was transgender, I knew I could trash my life as I knew it. Family, job etc, all in a great big dumpster. So what did I do? Took it like a man. Tried to bluff my way through it and be as macho as I could and for the most part, it worked until little by little I started to slide to the inevitable.I knew that someday I would have to transition, or check out of this existence altogether. 

Physically, being a tweener to me meant living a whole different existence. I had to no longer approach the world hoping I could "pass" as a woman. I needed to see if I could live as one.

Slowly but surely I ended up having separate but parallel lives going on, which was tough too. As it turned out though, a little toughness was going to help the tweener grow up and take on a whole new world as a woman.

Stirring the "Hot Mess."

Most certainly if you have been around Cyrsti's Condo for any length of time, you know of Connie's name and regardless of what I write, my respect for her. If you wonder why read on:

"Transgender women of our age (and I'm going to stick with the three years that separate us for a few more weeks until I hit the big 6-5), grew up so clueless as to what and who we may have been. As you say, there was no internet to access, but the proper information wasn't available anywhere. What you call a "hot mess" was what I found to be an insidious "vicious circle", where acting out by cross dressing brought a temporary relief that carried with it a guilt that was equal to - or greater than - the amount of thrill of seeing the feminine self I felt to be inside. Soon, the required lying and deception became as much the thrill as dressing up was. All of the scheming, planning, and deception began taking up as much of my time as the actual act of cross dressing did. More importantly, it exhausted me on an emotional level and caused me to be a lesser spouse and parent than I wanted to be. Thus, more guilt and depression. I wasn't just an unhappy transgender(?) woman, I was a miserable excuse for a human being. 

I remember when we became "friends" on that unnamed "TransNazi" site. If I remember correctly, you put in a friend request to me, siting my cynicism and love of blues music as your reasons. I don't think either of us had a lot of "friends" on that site, but we did have our fun being smart asses - for me, mostly in my comments on others' blog posts, including yours. We've both changed so much, yet here I am, still being a smart ass on your blog. At any rate, I believe that we both be
nefited from each other's misery, which eventually allowed us to step away from the "hot mess" or "vicious circle" we'd been in individually for so long. My cynical take on that would be that I learned I wasn't, at least, as screwed up as that Cyrsti chick. Truthfully, though, it was the knowledge that someone else had been going through much of the same shit for so many years that made it easier for me to move on. I've found that to be more of a moving off the stage than the moving on to a new one. I had thought myself to be such a good actor until I'd discovered that I was really a bad one."

See what you have done, I'm tearing up. Damn hormones!!!!

On another level though, my lack of a father figure guilt trip didn't seem to work on my kid, so all turned out better than I could have ever expected. 

Maybe we could do a "bicoastal" weekly Podcast between Seattle and Cincinnati? :)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Bonnie Who?

Sorry Bonnie Raitt but a friend pointed this out to me!
Love your singing!!!Cyrsti's Condo       

First in a Series?

The more I work on Book #2 and see some of the ideas which I didn't use when I wrote  "Stiletto's on Thin Ice" I have come to the realization they couldn't because they hadn't happened yet.

While I love a crystal ball as well as the next girl, life just doesn't work for me that way. This time though I began to think of a series of ideas I could use here in Cyrsti's Condo and the new book (title undecided). 

First of all a disclaimer...This worked for me, barely, and is only my take on a very difficult journey. Also, my age is a factor too. There was no internet or super social media for most of my 67 years.

So, my first stage was as a cross dresser or transvestite. I did my best to sneak around and hide my habit from the world, while at the same time doing my best to accumulate a small collection of girl's clothing and makeup etc. 

I separate my crossdressing stage from a different level of awareness when I began to feel just looking at myself in the mirror wasn't enough. There had to be more. Increasing a little voice was growing in my head telling me "There just had to be." 

I also equate this time of my life with leaving a fetish stage of my life. Perhaps you read many cross dressers/transvestites who seem to cling to a specific article of women's clothing. (Like hose for an example.) I am not saying it is right or wrong, to each their own, but I just didn't. I wanted to look the best I could, but increasingly being a woman was overcoming looking like one in my mind. Sure shaved legs and panty hose felt great for a while until the world awaited to see you as a total person.

Looking back, this part of my life was equally scary, exciting and confusing, all in one huge hot mess. Unfortunately, the "hot mess" was to continue for nearly fifty years before I had enough courage to look inside my soul for real answers.

In the meantime, stage two for me was taking tentative looks out side the closet to see what the world was, or could be like for me.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Ker Plunk! Another Sunday Edition has hit your virtual front porch! It's a beautiful day around here in Southwestern Ohio, so grab a cup of joe (coffee) or tea and lets get started!

Page One: The Week that Was -or Wasn't: As poor Japan continues to sort through the devastation from a series of major earthquakes and aftershocks...North Carolina continues to go through their own. Following the close to unprecedented anti LGBT law passed there, companies, organizations and entertainers continue to announce boycotts against the state. Make no mistake about it, this is a huge fight which goes far beyond the borders of North Carolina. As you remember, Georgia's outgoing governor vetoed a similar bill, and rumblings have started in South Carolina and Tennessee. I would think Tennessee in particular would have to tread lightly because of a huge tourism industry. Stay tuned!

Rachel Dovel
Page Two: Yesterday's Coffee - Opinion: Here in Cincinnati, in some sort of brain vacuum, the Hamilton County Library has turned down a transgender employee's request (Rachel Dovel) to have her SRS covered by the library's insurance. 

Currently the Library Board is giving her request the "sand test." Otherwise known as we will stick our head in the sand and see if it goes away. 

The problem the board has is that the building is the background (white) I believe in the Kroger's headquarters and in the other direction is the Macy's headquarters and finally down the street is Cincinnati City Hall-all of which cover transgender transitions in their insurance. 

It's time to say, "Really Library-REALLY????"

Page Three: Such a Week! From a short stint on a public radio station to a full fledged photo shoot (not to mention a paranormal evening) this week was a blast! For such an unsymmetrical person, I just am fascinated when things in my life line up, symmetrically. Recently I learned a little about doing a "Soul Collage" from my dear friend (and muse) Trish.

During the afternoon, we paused to do an animal meditation to see if one appeared. An owl appeared in mine clear as day.Then, last night, Liz was doing some sort of "Goddess" spin on Facebook and who showed up? Athena and an Owl!
Needless to say, I was dazzled. Ok, my disclaimer here is I am still really new to much of this so if I lead you the wrong way, calm down!

Page Four: The Back Page: Before we take the dogs and us! out to enjoy this glorious day, it's time to point out too, I am a transgender woman. So, while it may not seem to be as important to me as having a run in my hose or wearing the right set of heels, it still is. Just in differing ways. An example? I don't wear panty hose but I need to be careful about getting to much sun light. Which drives my iron level thru the roof. (Not good.) So trans or not, I have a bit of a different way I have to set up my wardrobe.

At any rate, another story for another day!!!!! Everyone be good (or safe). I love you all and thanks for stopping by Cyrsti's Condo!

Friday, April 15, 2016

What The Hell Just Happened?

Such a day! I was able to sneak in a blog post before lunch, aggravate one of my readers (sorry) and have time to accept a last minute invite on a local radio show here in Cincinnati (WAIF). It's hosted by a guy who is certain the Christian faith (his) is under attack and indirectly, the LGBT movement seemingly has something to do with that.

It's my second stint on his show and I didn't see/hear much progress from a guy who when approached about the extremely high rate of transgender suicide, simply said all teenagers kill themselves. The worst part is this guy is a therapist of sorts.

At any rate, fantasy time was over. The other two panelists and him went on and I had another appointment, which was the photo shoot I have told you all about.

First of all, this was the real deal and I guarantee I have never had that many pictures taken of me in my life-total. The pix are being taken with me and six other women for a gallery showing from the photographer this fall. I have no idea if I was the only trans woman, or if all were. At any rate, it was yet another unique and special day, compliments of being trans (for a change). I do know she will be compiling a book later too. As soon as I can get any ideas of when and how, I will send them along!

Finally, I tagged along with a paranormal team Liz works with, and that my friends is an experience for another day!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sometimes Life Goes Too Fast

First of all, I really like your input on my email, but if you want it not to go on the blog, just tell me too. Be up front as it doesn't bother me, I'm just not the sharpest tack in the box sometimes.

This week alone, I had breakfast with my daughter who has her hands more than full with three kids. I am fairly sure I am the last one to offer up a whole lot of advice. Except when my mind is screaming advise!

Then, today, Thursday, is when I have been invited to a photo shoot of sorts for an art exhibit here in Cincinnati which explains the differing roles of women. I have been fairly vague about it here because I am not totally sure what to expect. Which is my favorite scenario.

Plus I just received an invitation to go back on a local radio show here discussing all the recent LGBT turmoil from laws passed and proposed.

Thinking ahead to my "talking point" on the show, it's all fairly simple. Our opponents can't get past the fact we don't see ourselves as men or women and instead keep falling back on the well worn "man in a women's restroom." 

The problem being, many so called transgender allies can't see past it either.

Now, back to John Kasich. I think he would make a good candidate because he is a "centrist" Republican. Plus no one really has had a chance to know the guy because of all the dust storms stirred up by other candidates. Like any other politician, there are a lot of peeps here in Ohio like him and some don't!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Our Guy?

If you are not familiar, there is a third Republican presidential candidate who has been lost in the circus dust from the two remaining candidates and he is Ohio's Governor John Kasich. The other two , Trump and Cruz have been able to cloud the issues so much that Kasich's flaws just kind of slip through the huge cracks. Like this one:

From TheEdgeMediaNetwork:

John Kasich

During a recent campaign stop in Troy, New York, GOP presidential hopeful John Kasich was asked about Leelah Alcorn, the trans teen from Ohio who made headlines after she took her own life by walking into traffic after her family refused to accept her and wanted her to undergo conversion therapy.
Though the Ohio governor was "not familiar" with Alcon's tragic story, he took the moment to talk about same-sex marriage, LGBT rights and the anti-LGBT "religious freedom" measures popping up in a number of states, ABC News reports.
"This is a very tough issue for people, and let me tell you my view of it: First of all, I'm not familiar with that case," Kasich told a crowd of supporters. "But I've been watching what's happening in North Carolina what happened in Indiana - I'm not watching it closely - but what happened in Mississippi. We have all this legislation that people are proposing... I don't want any discrimination against anybody. I'm not in favor of discrimination, period, end of story."
"Secondly, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage," he continued."I'm a traditional marriage guy, but the court ruled. I'm allowing the court ruling to stand. I'm not looking for some constitutional amendment - it's done."

Actually, I think Kasich is more of the consummate politician and he knows how a North Carolina law would fly in Ohio, into the nearest wall. However, for him to claim he knew nothing about Leelah Alcorn's tragic suicide about 100 miles south of him on I-71 is tragic as well.

Maybe he was already out of the state looking for money? 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Uber Safety?

We have not discussed the need for safety here in Cyrsti's Condo nearly enough! As we transition from men to women, no matter how effeminate we used to be, there still is a huge change in safety. It's bad enough violence against cis women is on the rise, multiply it farther for transgender women.

Now, in certain parts of the country,  Chariots for Women is an up and coming "Uber Service" designed for women only - including trans women.

My partner Liz gets the "way to go girl" for seeing this one on :“The premise is the same as all the other ridesharing services,”  (Founder Micheal)Pelletz said in a phone interview. “There’s a driver app and a client app, except that what makes us unique is our safety feature that other apps forgot to do.” The service’s patent-pending technology gives the driver and the client a code in the app after a ride request has been made. When the car arrives, the driver and passenger make sure their codes match before the passenger gets in the car. Chariot for Women donates 2 percent of every fare to charity, and the company does not use surge charging.

In addition to only having women as drivers, Pelletz uses Safer Places, which has a reputation for performing the most stringent background checks. Chariot for Women also requires that all drivers pass Massachusetts’ Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check, the same deep background check used in daycare centers and schools. Chariot for Women pays for the CORI check and will add fingerprinting for its drivers as soon as it’s possible.
The service will also pick up kids of any gender under age 13, as well as anyone of any age who identifies as a woman. “If they’re trans and identify as a woman, they can drive and ride with us, no problem at all,” Pelletz said."
Pelletz goes on to say: "We’re doing this because there is such inequality when it comes to security that afflicts driver and rider due to gender,” Pelletz reiterated. “Women are across the world the ones being harassed and assaulted by male drivers. In my eight months as an Uber driver, I didn’t hear any negative feedback from men.”
At the time when you are (or have transitioned) into a woman, you will know this is yet another very needed tool, such as wage equality, you will be facing.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Cyrsti's Condo "Quote of the Day"

"I'll tell you what's at the bottom of it. If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you."

Monday Monday?

It's days like today I struggle to find something to write about. Life goes on, transgender or not. Which still seems to be of some interest to many and often tedious to me. I "yam what I yam" Popeye said it best!

Last night was different though. An example was the young transgender guy (Schuyler Bailar) who switched from the Harvard women's to men's swim team in (I can't help it) mid stream. Of course, much of the key to his successful transition was an accepting family and coaches at Harvard.

Then there was the story of Martine Rothblatt on a later show. The ultra successful CEO just happens to be one of America's highest paid C.E.O's and a transgender woman-sort of:

Martine prefers not to limit herself to available words: She’s suggested using “Pn.,” for “person,” in place of “Mr.” and “Ms.,” and “spice” to mean husband or wife. But “trans” is a prefix she likes a lot, for it contains her self-image as an explorer who crosses barriers into strange new lands. (When she feels a connection to a new acquaintance, she says that she “transcends.”) And these days Martine sees herself less as transgender and more as what is known as transhumanist, a particular kind of futurist who believes that technology can liberate humans from the limits of their biology—including infertility, disease, and decay, but also, incredibly, death. 

Martine and her partner were on an episode of Nat Geo's God , the story of the Ftm swimmer is called "Switching Teams" on 60 Minutes

After watching both of these shows, I understood again why the rightest red necks can't understand us. You only have to try.
Schuyler Bailar


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Ker plunk! That's the sound of another Sunday Edition hitting your virtual front porch. Welcome in! Weather wise- Spring still hasn't decided to make a permanent arrival here in Southwestern Ohio. However, this raw blustery day is the ideal chance to lay back and enjoy a hot "cup-o-joe". Let's get started.

Page One: The Week that Was or Wasn't: As the battle raged over bigotry and discrimination in North Carolina and Mississippi, the first transgender (PAC) has began. Plus as liberal Republican's (Pat) will be happy to know,it will be bipartisan. According to  "Hayden Mora, a founding member of the Trans United Fund (TUF), says that the newly launched PAC will take support wherever it can be found. “Our vision and our goal is to have a conversation with anyone who is serious about supporting the trans community and supporting trans people,” he told The Daily Beast. “That includes everyone on the political spectrum." For more, go 
Page Two: Yesterday's Coffee-Opinion: In the past, I have experienced "push back" in some circles when I am critical of those of us (?) who are more concerned about a run in their stockings than current LGBTQ affairs. I can accept that until I think how I can help in such a little way in the current wave of transgender battles. As I read not long ago, a gay man says the restroom paranoia reminds him of the "old days" when gay rights opponents used the same arguments against them. So I feel strongly it's time to stand up and be counted, and not runs in my leggings.
Page Three: A Night in Heels? Yes, surprisingly enough, I decided to wear my pair of three inch calf length boots to a birthday party Liz and I went to Friday night. I found out fairly quickly why I haven't worn them. First of all they are too big for even me and I don't maneuver well in tight spaces anyhow. On the bright side, the experiment came off better than I thought. Or, was that the wine?
Page Four: The Back Page: Another very busy day planned today, regardless of the weather. Looking ahead at this week I still have to get my hair shaped or styled (hate the cut word) before the Thursday photo shoot. My plan is to take a new picture or two to go with the blog as I begin the name change. 
Have a great week all! Thanks for stopping in and peace and love :) 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

From the "Eagles Nest"

  1. Connie wrote in:  So many Eagles songs come to mind that could take you to your past:
  2. Hotel California, Desperado, Life In The Fast Lane, Take It to the Limit, New Kid In Town, Tequila Sunrise, Can’t Tell You Why, Witchy Woman, Lyin' Eyes, One of These Nights, Already Gone, Wasted Time, After The Thrill Is Gone, The Last Resort.

  3. I'm hoping that now you have "A Peaceful, Easy Feeling" and that you can finally "Take it Easy"!
  4. Connie,
    Lyin' eyes is especially poignant to me, it was about twice as long as the other Top 40 music I was playing on the radio station I worked on all nights...I played it as a break song and (weather permitting), I would have a chance to go out and look up at the tower while it played. I was a wreck!
  5. Mail Box
    Archived Mirror Selfie
    These days, I don't know about Take it Easy, but I do have a "Peaceful, Easy Feeling" on occasion. I can't explain to myself why though I feel guilty these days every now and then. An example was when I was contacted for the photo shoot because I was transgender.
  6. I guess " trans stealth" and I will never quite match up and I am guilty of too much info too often- I'm afraid.

  7.  In fact, I had a couple of examples from yesterday I will get to in another post.

The Almighty Dollar!!!


Conventions leaving Charlotte, citing House Bill 2

UPDATED 6:50 AM EDT Apr 09, 2016

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) —Controversy over North Carolina's new law blocking anti-discrimination rules covering the LGBT community has made national headlines and now the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA) says conventions are pulling out of Charlotte.

The CRVA says four conventions that were booked in Charlotte have now canceled the event in the Queen City over House Bill 2. WBTV broke the story Friday afternoon after a source gave WBTV's Molly Grantham the information. The CRVA later confirmed the numbers.

HB2 repealed Charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance, which was passed in February. The Charlotte City Council voted 7-4 to add sexual orientation, gender identity and marital status as attributes protected from discrimination when it comes to public accommodations including restaurants, retail stores and other businesses. Public schools would not have been affected by the ordinance.

The ordinance quickly became controversial with the majority of the focus revolving around the bathroom.

Republican leaders in North Carolina, including Governor Pat McCrory, expressed concern over the ordinance. A special session of the North Carolina General Assembly was held in late March.

In a one-day vote, the NCGA repealed the Charlotte ordinance, which was slated to take effect on April 1.

The new law requires transgender people to use public bathrooms that match their birth certificates. The law also makes clear local measures can't expand anti-discrimination protections for sexual orientation or gender identity.

According to the CRVA, four conventions have officially canceled their dates in Charlotte, citing House Bill 2. Officials say that translates to 1,137 room nights gone for hotels in Charlotte.

On top of the four canceled conventions, nine other conventions who were looking at Charlotte are saying they will no longer be looking at the city to be the host. That's considered a "lost opportunity" and translates into a potential 12,231 room nights not used.

WBTV also learned that 29 other groups have now said they are "hesitant" about bringing their convention to Charlotte. If all these groups pulled out, that's 89,723 room nights that will be lost."

In addition (you may have heard) Bruce Springsteen has cancelled his concert in North Carolina.

At the least, all of this activity lays the framework of what can/could happen to one of the other states considering going down such an unfair discriminatory route.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Are the "Good Ol' Days" Now?

Sure, as chronological years go, I hope my "double sixes"- 66 years continue to serve me fairly well. This time I am writing about the remembrances of a simpler time when all I had to do was obsess about when I was going to sneak out and what was I going to wear.

  An example is the picture to the left, which I call an ancient "photo shopped" mirror selfie.

Well, the good old days are now with me. In fact when one one the Eagles' songs came on the radio the other day, it took me back to an extremely dark and ugly time in my past.

I knew I had severe gender issues but in the mid 1970's I had no idea of what to do about them except try to drink them away. Which in turn, made it worse.

If it wasn't for my infant daughter, I don't know how I did make it then. She was grown with kids of her own when I tried an actual weak attempt at suicide. I say "weak" because I know now taking a full bottles  of certain pills won't kill me.

So, these are the good old days and sometimes I think I need to write posts like this to remind myself and others of how desperate being transgender can be,

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Go Cincinnati!!!

I know many of you must think I get some sort of a stipend from Cincinnati when I write something good about them, wish I did.

Embattled Governor McCrory,  North Carolina
The fact remains though, Cincinnati was considered the poor step child when it came to LGBTQ rights, behind state capital Columbus and even nearby Dayton, Ohio.

All of the sudden a year or so ago that began to change and continues to.

It was announced today the city was going to try to pass an ordinance to ban un- necessary travel to North Carolina, until the state repeals it's swift and shady anti LGBT rights bill.

"Go Natti!!!"

Orange or White?

As I finally got around to coloring my hair yesterday, (dark auburn) as I was applying it I panicked a bit when it came out orange.

I got to thinking if I had orange hair, I would take a step to the right and take after Donald Trump. Then I thought if the color didn't cover my gray, I would take a step to the left with Bernie Sanders.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Paris Lees:Dear Ian McEwan:

From across the pond, the "Daily Telegraph" and Paris Lees:

"Everyone seems to have an opinion on transgender people these days - from Germaine Greer to Jeremy Clarkson, they have all offered up their thoughts on trans people.  Ian McEwan is the latest

As a fan of his books and a trans woman myself, I’m (Paris) very grateful. After all, he seems to have spent a whole five minutes thinking about people like me before sharing all his ill-informed ideas about us with the rest of the world.

“The self, like a consumer desirable, may be plucked from the shelves of a personal identity supermarket, a ready-to-wear little black number,” he said. “For example, some men in full possession of a penis are now identifying as women and demanding entry to women-only colleges, and the right to change in women’s dressing rooms.”

There is a ton of good reading here. Follow the link for more!
Paris Lees