Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sometimes Life Goes Too Fast

First of all, I really like your input on my email, but if you want it not to go on the blog, just tell me too. Be up front as it doesn't bother me, I'm just not the sharpest tack in the box sometimes.

This week alone, I had breakfast with my daughter who has her hands more than full with three kids. I am fairly sure I am the last one to offer up a whole lot of advice. Except when my mind is screaming advise!

Then, today, Thursday, is when I have been invited to a photo shoot of sorts for an art exhibit here in Cincinnati which explains the differing roles of women. I have been fairly vague about it here because I am not totally sure what to expect. Which is my favorite scenario.

Plus I just received an invitation to go back on a local radio show here discussing all the recent LGBT turmoil from laws passed and proposed.

Thinking ahead to my "talking point" on the show, it's all fairly simple. Our opponents can't get past the fact we don't see ourselves as men or women and instead keep falling back on the well worn "man in a women's restroom." 

The problem being, many so called transgender allies can't see past it either.

Now, back to John Kasich. I think he would make a good candidate because he is a "centrist" Republican. Plus no one really has had a chance to know the guy because of all the dust storms stirred up by other candidates. Like any other politician, there are a lot of peeps here in Ohio like him and some don't!

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