Friday, April 15, 2016

What The Hell Just Happened?

Such a day! I was able to sneak in a blog post before lunch, aggravate one of my readers (sorry) and have time to accept a last minute invite on a local radio show here in Cincinnati (WAIF). It's hosted by a guy who is certain the Christian faith (his) is under attack and indirectly, the LGBT movement seemingly has something to do with that.

It's my second stint on his show and I didn't see/hear much progress from a guy who when approached about the extremely high rate of transgender suicide, simply said all teenagers kill themselves. The worst part is this guy is a therapist of sorts.

At any rate, fantasy time was over. The other two panelists and him went on and I had another appointment, which was the photo shoot I have told you all about.

First of all, this was the real deal and I guarantee I have never had that many pictures taken of me in my life-total. The pix are being taken with me and six other women for a gallery showing from the photographer this fall. I have no idea if I was the only trans woman, or if all were. At any rate, it was yet another unique and special day, compliments of being trans (for a change). I do know she will be compiling a book later too. As soon as I can get any ideas of when and how, I will send them along!

Finally, I tagged along with a paranormal team Liz works with, and that my friends is an experience for another day!

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