Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Transition VI

Welcome to my Cyrsti's Condo "Levels of Mtf transition." In level five we touched on your "aura" confidence and presentation levels. In level six we are going to assume you have figured out the life you are leading is the correct one.

As I have written a number of times, only you can decide gender on the most basic level possible. Do you meditate? Are you spiritual? Or, in my case, my life felt more natural and it opened up the other two I just mentioned.

More than anymore of the transition levels, VI is personal. Forget how you look, or act, this is all about the you- you should have been.

Perhaps this is the level you have decided to start HRT and began the process of GRS. (Neither of which should define your level of femininity.)

I like to call Level VI the closest level to going through adolescence. The world is just newer and more exciting somehow.

Perhaps it's because Level VII will be bringing more serious challenges!  

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