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Paris Lees:Dear Ian McEwan:

From across the pond, the " Daily Telegraph " and Paris Lees: "Everyone seems to have an opinion on transgender people these days - from Germaine Greer to Jeremy Clarkson, they have all offered up their thoughts on trans people.  Ian McEwan is the latest .  As a fan of his books and a trans woman myself, I’m (Paris) very grateful. After all, he seems to have spent a whole five minutes thinking about people like me before sharing all his ill-informed ideas about us with the rest of the world. “The self, like a consumer desirable, may be plucked from the shelves of a personal identity supermarket, a ready-to-wear little black number,”  he said.  “For example, some men in full possession of a penis are now identifying as women and demanding entry to women-only colleges, and the right to change in women’s dressing rooms.” There is a ton of good reading here. Follow the link for more! Paris Lees   CREDIT:  NEIL DAWSON FOR ATTITUDE