Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Ker plunk! That's the sound of another Sunday Edition hitting your virtual front porch. Welcome in! Weather wise- Spring still hasn't decided to make a permanent arrival here in Southwestern Ohio. However, this raw blustery day is the ideal chance to lay back and enjoy a hot "cup-o-joe". Let's get started.

Page One: The Week that Was or Wasn't: As the battle raged over bigotry and discrimination in North Carolina and Mississippi, the first transgender (PAC) has began. Plus as liberal Republican's (Pat) will be happy to know,it will be bipartisan. According to  "Hayden Mora, a founding member of the Trans United Fund (TUF), says that the newly launched PAC will take support wherever it can be found. “Our vision and our goal is to have a conversation with anyone who is serious about supporting the trans community and supporting trans people,” he told The Daily Beast. “That includes everyone on the political spectrum." For more, go 
Page Two: Yesterday's Coffee-Opinion: In the past, I have experienced "push back" in some circles when I am critical of those of us (?) who are more concerned about a run in their stockings than current LGBTQ affairs. I can accept that until I think how I can help in such a little way in the current wave of transgender battles. As I read not long ago, a gay man says the restroom paranoia reminds him of the "old days" when gay rights opponents used the same arguments against them. So I feel strongly it's time to stand up and be counted, and not runs in my leggings.
Page Three: A Night in Heels? Yes, surprisingly enough, I decided to wear my pair of three inch calf length boots to a birthday party Liz and I went to Friday night. I found out fairly quickly why I haven't worn them. First of all they are too big for even me and I don't maneuver well in tight spaces anyhow. On the bright side, the experiment came off better than I thought. Or, was that the wine?
Page Four: The Back Page: Another very busy day planned today, regardless of the weather. Looking ahead at this week I still have to get my hair shaped or styled (hate the cut word) before the Thursday photo shoot. My plan is to take a new picture or two to go with the blog as I begin the name change. 
Have a great week all! Thanks for stopping in and peace and love :) 

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