Thursday, April 21, 2016

Transition IV

We are writing a series of posts this week on MtF gender transitions and today we are moving away from establishing your femininity in the world into establishing an "inner" circle of friends or family (if you are lucky.)

I remember the evening around five years ago when I decided I was going to pursue the hormone route.-HRT. It was around the time the Veteran's Administration announced it would help transgender vets with the program.

Of course my first stop was with a VA psychologist whom I see off and on to this day. One of her first questions to me was what kind of a support system did I have built around me for this big of move. 

I was able to answer that I had a very supportive daughter, a loving partner and two very good friends who helped me build a new life...more than I could say. So obviously the answer was yes. My days of hanging around gay venues and/or malls trying to feel feminine were over. I wanted/needed HRT to step to my next level of femininity. ***Not saying you have to do it this way, and shouldn't without a Doctor's supervision!

Years later as I look back, I have been able to broaden my circle of friends, as I have been able to meet some incredible people. Most incredibly, everytime I head around another corner, there is something new to discover.

Next, the power of confidence, aura and presentation.

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