Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Ker Plunk! Another "Sunday Edition" is hitting your virtual front porch! Weather report? Here in Southwestern Ohio,it's a glorious Sunday, so today lets grab a cup o iced joe or tea and head out to the back deck and get started.

From North Carolina Hotel
Page One: The Week that Was or Wasn't: During the week, the costs to North Carolina's economy continues to mount from all sorts of different directions. Too many in fact to even begin to list here (a good thing) but you can go here to check out a comprehensive look from the Daily Kos. 

Also, if you have been following the "Prez's" visit to Great Britain, he has come out in favor of LGBT causes again, even to the point of saying he has learned from his daughters on the issues.

Now, if he pushes through equal rights for transgender active service women and men before leaving office...

Page Two: Yesterday's Coffee-Opinion:

All week long we have been presenting a series of posts on the different levels of transitioning. One of which briefly touched on the subject of aura. Which Connie followed with this comment:  "To be, aura not to be. That's the question! I would (respectfully) "tighten up" your loose definition by saying ones aura is her or his true self which radiates regardless of any self awareness thereof. I think that the brightness of ones radiance depends first, on the self awareness of the aura, and second, on the acceptance of it. 

Blessed is the person who learns both at an early age. I'm speaking as aura applies to gender identity here, as I also believe in negative auras; Hitler, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, (and maybe Donald Trump?) fit into this realm. Although these people are (or were) inherently evil, they learned how to manipulate their auras just enough to fool others into believing and following them."

Extremely important when you consider gender is decided in a couple seconds when one human sees another.

Take the time I met Stana from Femulate for the first time. She oozed femininity from the inside out, and if you have read her blog at all, she says she pretty much always has.

Page Three: What's in a Name?: Ironically, Mandy sent in a comment which jogged my noggin into something I haven't brought up in a name and how it relates primarily here and on Facebook/Twitter:

"My male name (which I won't disclose) is now a predominantly female name. All too frequently I hear women yelling "my name" in stores, to locate their daughters. A bit disconcerting, but I'm used to it now. 

The bright side is that I am often gendered as female after I present my credit card with my real name. Folks are used to seeing women named thusly. Used to hate my name in school. But now I can say "Thanks, Mom and Dad!


Well, my name was about as far away as being feminine as it could get and no it wasn't "Chris." So what I did was go with generational names from the family which the grand kids could use to call be. The abbreviation is "J.J"  and it works perfectly as an androgynous name. 

Page Four : The Back Page: Well kids, it's time to get out and enjoy this beautiful day! Monday we will get started again on my stages of transition which in turn will fill a chapter in book number two. 

As always, love you all and thanks for stopping by Cyrsti's Condo.