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Battle Scars

Trend setting young transgender woman Jazz Jennings has always been in the fore front when it comes to publicizing her own life. Her most recent landmark came when she went under the knife and completed genital realignment surgery. The picture of her in a swimming suit dramatically shows the extent of the surgery. This is just another instance of how Jazz has stepped up and showed the world yet another slice of transgender life! Plus, another very accomplished and talented transgender woman is appearing in another very visible television role... Laverne Cox is a judge on the Bravo TV's design show Project Runway . As always, Laverne is an articulate, gorgeous representative of the trans culture. Before you head off thinking all I am doing is glorifying the very attractive upper portion of our culture, I am not. The greatest majority of us struggle to achieve our own level of femininity at all. My only point is to show those who have achieved it and put their efforts t