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Friday, May 24, 2019


Graduation evening this week went very well.

The family started out with a BBQ tailgate in her honor in the parking lot outside Wright State's arena. Wright State is a medium sized state university in the suburban Dayton, Ohio area which has a pretty good sized arena. Much too big I thought for one high school's graduation. I was wrong though, because surprisingly, it was almost filled to capacity.

As I sat down to my BBQ, I felt overdressed in my long skirt and sleeveless "Ombre" top  The top on the model to your right approximates the style, not the color.

I didn't have time to think much about it though because about the time we sat down to eat, a light rain began to fall. We were forced to head on into the arena to get our seats. The good news was we got good seats, the bad news was we had to sit in them for three hours.

To my surprise, my Grand-daughter immediately appeared on the "Jumbo Tron" big screen in the arena and presented a topic with another girl on how the graduates were like all the flavors of ice cream in the world. Of course i wondered to my self how many of the grads were LGBTQ!

All too soon though, the graduation was over and we made our way back out to see the new graduate and head home. There are some pictures floating around and if any of them find their way to Facebook, I will share them with you.

Throughout the evening I didn't notice any stares or glances, so that was good and my Grand-daughter seemed to really appreciate me being there. What really surprised me though was the lack of tears on my part.

For another completely different graduation experience, let's check in with Connie:

"When my grandson graduated a couple years ago, I would have cried, except he was such as goofball about it, going for the big laugh on stage. I do get a bit sentimental when I look at the picture of the two of us afterward, though. It was the first time, after a few years of him getting used to the "new me," that we hugged and he put his arm around me for the pic. It's a reminder that our own transitions are so dependent on the transitions of those close to us."

Well put!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

In Between Post

As I wrote about previously here in Cyrsti's Condo, I am right in the middle of a very busy week. Yesterday, I had a therapist appointment, one Doctor's appointment and a support group meeting.

All went well and I even was able to negotiate the eighty mile return rush hour trip through two cities which included being stopped for at least ten miles in more stop than go traffic.

Other than that, the only perceived problem I had was my hair. I washed it the day before and didn't bother to brush it out enough before I left. Then, I forgot my brush and had no way to get my waves back under control. Needless to say, I survived.

My therapist appointment went as predicted. We always end up talking more about other things than about me. Which, I guess is a good thing. Fortunately, right now, my demons aren't chasing me as much as they did in the past. The Doctor's appointment had as much to do with it as anything. She prescribes the meds I take to control my bi-polar disorder.

The LGBT support group meeting was interesting as always. A very unique small group of people attended. Including a transgender woman formerly from Alabama who served on a submarine. One trans person of color, a retired ally cis man and a couple gender fluid folks. Really different than the cross dresser - transgender support group meetings I attend here in Cincinnati.

The in between part of this post comes with the fact I am attending my Grand-daughters graduation tonight again up in the Dayton, Ohio area. In order to pull this off with only one car, we had to rent one (car) for the trip.

I think I have a pretty nice outfit picked out with my long black embroidered skirt paired with an embroidered boho style sleeveless top and my fancy black flats. Due to a total lack of decision making with the family groups involved, we are all supposed to meet a couple hours early for tailgate eats before the actual graduation.

Due to my excessive HRT hormones, I probably will do my share of crying :).

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