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Call it Karma, or just some sort of unexpected piece of timing but just after my post on Nepal's capital Kathmandu I found this story. From the Nepal Mountain News : " In a landmark decision, the Cabinet has agreed to provide citizenship to a post-operative transsexual who changed sex from male to female. Caitlin Panta, (above) earlier Pratik Panta, is the first Nepali to have changed gender through a sex reassignment therapy (SRT) procedure this January. The decision has opened up doors for those wishing to change their sex and avail of citizenship under the changed sex. Pratik Pant (inset) and his new look as a female after he changes his sex (file photo) A Cabinet meeting on September 3 had instructed the Nepal Medical Board (NMB) to find out whether Panta had changed sex and if there were any feelings of apathy after changing the sex. It was also instructed to assess Panta’s mental state and if there were any behavioral changes. A three-member committee formed at th