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Smokin! The Mail Box!

"You effing Hypocrite! You set land speed records in posting every young and outed type VI transsexual as being just another part of the lovely trans-spectrum "exactly" like you! Even though they are nothing of the sort but let National Geo showcase the "wonderful diversity" of the "trans-spectrum and you have the gall to cringe that they "represnt you?" Sorry Charlie! It doesn't work like that! Either stop riding our coat tails or accept the spectrum. You can't have it both ways!"  "Miz-Know- It- all" Wow, I have been called everything...but not hypocrite for awhile! First of all  most of the stories I pass along are because they represent what I feel are informative and for the most part positive. I'm sure you have noticed I try to stay away from the tragic trans violence stories. I do comment if I feel the stories reflect the overall possible good of our "lovely transgender spectrum". I'm somet