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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Just A Bit More Dangerous

Time it was again to color the gray out of my hair. In the past someone else has been entrusted to do what Momma Nature continues to make a bigger and bigger job. Liz has done it recently. This time though, my hair looked terrible, I had to head back up to my building for three or days and Liz had to work-so it was an emergency now or never for my hair. So, what's a girl to do? Beg of course. The problem was Liz was working, so all the begging in the world wouldn't work.  Her answer "basically" was 'get over it princess' unless you want to do the job yourself.  I did my best Huh? Hell yes I could do it myself!!!! Yay!! What a concept.

Before you think Liz is this ultra brave person though, remember this-she works at home so with a few warning shots from her like "how about reading the directions", off I went.  Actually, the bigger warning was a cheap shot I am still hearing from the first time I went really Ginger (red).  All was well when she put the color on and after 25 minutes, I was dutifully sent into the shower to rinse and condition.  What I didn't realize was my usual frolic in her shower made the walls look like a scene from the movie "Psyco".  As it turned out my faux "bloodletting" for the occasion, was not seen as a potential movie prop-but-a basis for a continual cheap shot. And, you guessed it, those were my famous last words today before my "rinse."

It was all good though. I punched my ticket on another of the mysterious girl tasks it takes to maintain a feminine external lifestyle.Plus, what Liz has not fully realized is, I am again a bit more dangerous. Not only can I pick out my color, I can put it on all by my self.  No more discussions about my choices!  Now I can already hear the first "what the hell did you do?"

Hey, that's an easy answer, "well it's your fault, you made me read the directions!"

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