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"Madam 'LaNoe!' Beckons!

If my old addled noggin has served me correct, in the past here in Cyrsti's Condo, I mentioned the possibility of putting together a persona called Madam LaNoe!" My initial idea (which got better and better as I had more and more adult beverages)  was, the "Madam" would be an "intermission" performer at drag shows. She would be a harmless blend of Johnny Carson's "Carnac" (picture provided) - with a pinch of voodoo tossed in along with fortune telling and snake oil sales. Ironically, in another life I did a take off on Carnac at a couple functions-complete with hat. Don't panic, my "card reading" would be from a regular deck of cards and my "voodoo" doll would be a stuffed bunny rabbit in a basket. So, my partner Liz is a great seamstress and knows her way around a little make up and is creative as hell to boot. So two nights ago, she is up at five in the morning tracing ideas for "The Madam"  She wan