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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Felt the Earth Move

I live in Ohio, not quite the epicenter of earthquakes in the country although I know there could be one anytime.

The earth did move around here this week when the Pope said he couldn't or shouldn't pass judgement on gay people. Then the nearly not as revered but probably more wealthy than the Pope, Pat Robertson came out and said he has no problem with transgender individuals. Then, there are the reports of the hate monger Rush Limbaugh being on the ropes as he addressed reports that he is getting dropped from Cumulus, the second-largest radio network in the country, on Monday. "Nothing is gonna happen that you will notice," Limbaugh said on his radio show. "Nothing is going to change. You are going to be able to get this radio program on as many if not more radio stations down the road than it's on now, and what you're being treated to is just a public business negotiation. Negotiations have been taken public by one side of this and I thought it was done!"

The difference in what the Nazi Rush didn't say was advertising dollars drive the viability of a network radio show and he just lost one in the Bojangle's Food Chain. When you have him on the run, it's easier to provide monetary pressure on him- not unlike the major fast food chicken chain I'm sure I don't have to mention to you. An effective boycott for them is when they cater an event, just casually spread the word about how inherently wrong it is to support their company and what the owner stands for.

Look, I know people are sheep and there are major problems in our country with mini Limbaugh's out there to cash in. Just look at the giant Clear Channel radio conglomerate. It has single highhandedly killed free speech over the airways in this country by buying tons of radio stations in the same markets. Clear Channel  specializes in right wing shock jocks on every level in every market spewing easy answers to tough problems. You can bet they have "superstar" or two lined up to fill Limbaugh's shoes.  In the meantime though we need to keep the pressure on the Nazi. Everytime he sticks his mug in a microphone, it's time to complain to the advertiser on his show.

That's our own small way to keep the earth moving in Ohio, except for the never ending interstate highway projects!

Oh, by the way, here's Pat:

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